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16 Feb, 2020 14:54

Daredevil routine at 1,300ft almost goes DISASTROUSLY WRONG for Russian paraglider & aerial gymnast (VIDEO)

Daredevil routine at 1,300ft almost goes DISASTROUSLY WRONG for Russian paraglider & aerial gymnast (VIDEO)

Russian paraglider Alexander Orlov and world champion aerial gymnast Anzhela Kulagila performed a daredevil routine in Vietnam, making jaw-dropping acrobatics moves at 400m (1,300ft) – but which almost went badly wrong.

Driven by Orlov, who controlled the flow of the parachute, the duo presented a heart-stopping routine with Kulagila executing acrobatics tricks on slings with no safety wire.

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The duo were forced to defy extreme weather conditions which could have disrupted the flight and led to tragic consequences.

We had already reached 400m when the wind suddenly picked up, blowing us directly to a mountain at a high speed,” Orlov said.

When Anzhela fell down and released the slings I was still flying before landing on a tree. I started screaming ‘Anzhela, are you alive?’ And when she didn’t reply I was really terrified.

Then she said that she was ok. The rocks there are very sharp and she hit them with the back of her head. Blood was spurting out, so I was forced to make a bandage out of my shirt.”

The gymnast, who luckily avoided serious injuries, was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors put several stitches in the wound.

The couple said that due to the coronavirus outbreak it was immensely difficult to receive a flight license from the Vietnamese authorities, who denied them approval to fly in an air-balloon.