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23 Jan, 2020 17:41

‘That killed all my dates after that’: 37-year-old US athlete Lolo Jones says being open about virginity was a mistake

‘That killed all my dates after that’: 37-year-old US athlete Lolo Jones says being open about virginity was a mistake

US hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones, 37, has revealed that her publicly announced plans about remaining a virgin until marriage have only brought her troubles and are negatively affecting her dating life.

Appearing on the latest episode of Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud series Jones complained that her honesty was a “mistake” that hampered her efforts of finding a future husband.

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That was a mistake,” Jones said. “That killed all my dates after that. Didn’t even have a chance. Before, I at least had a chance.”

Before I’d tiptoe, like, ‘OK, when is a good time to tell him? Do I wait until he sees my personality a little bit, or do I just drop the bomb?’” the athlete added.

Jones publicly discussed her stance on sex before marriage during a segment of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel in 2012. She noted that her decision was dictated by her Christian faith.

I don’t know why God hasn’t blessed me with my husband,” the two-time world indoor hurdles champion said. “Another reason why I’m probably single is because I’ve never had sex and guys do not want to wait for girls.”
The runner and bobsledder also insisted that abstaining from sex gives her a substantial disadvantage in sport because she doesn’t have any  “pressure release” in contrast to other rivals.

Jones competed for the US national team at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing and 2012 Olympics in London as a hurdler. She also performed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, taking part in the bobsleigh event.