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14 Jan, 2020 16:19

Three’s a crowd: Cardboard beds at Tokyo Games sturdy enough for sex... but only if athletes keep it to two people

Three’s a crowd: Cardboard beds at Tokyo Games sturdy enough for sex... but only if athletes keep it to two people

Makers of the beds at the Tokyo Olympic Village have confirmed their eco-friendly cardboard furniture will not collapse during sex – on condition there are only two people under the blanket.

Last week manufacturer Airweave presented their specially-designed Olympic beds made of cardboard which will be recycled after the summer sports spectacular.

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The 2.10-meter-long beds will also have mattresses formed of polyethylene materials which will be reused for plastic products afterwards.

The presentation of the unique furniture was met with mixed reactions on social media with many athletes mocking the organizers’ eco-approach, joking that cupboard bed would collapse during sex.

"Great gesture...until the athletes finish their said events and the 1000's of condoms handed out all over the village are put to use," Aussie basketballer Andrew Bogut tweeted.

The manufactures were quick to reassure competitors that beds could withstand up to 200kg, which is more than enough for two people and some bedroom athletics.

We’ve conducted experiments, like dropping weights on top of the beds,” the Airweave spokesperson said.

As long as they stick to just two people in the bed, they should be strong enough to support the load.

A total of 18,000 beds will be furnished in the Olympic village this summer which will welcome athletes, coaches and staff members from all corners of the world.

At the previous summer Games in Rio around 450,000 condoms were distributed among the athletes who lived at the Olympic village.