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9 Jan, 2020 13:42

'This isn't cool': UFC's Mike Perry ignites row with use of n-word in Twitter spat

'This isn't cool': UFC's Mike Perry ignites row with use of n-word in Twitter spat

UFC welterweight 'Platinum' Mike Perry has ignited a social media storm after using a racial slur to describe actor Michael Jai White during an online Twitter spat with the action movie star.

Perry is no stranger to controversy in the cage as the outspoken brawler has become known as one of the organization's more colorful characters since making his UFC debut in 2016.

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But a recent online argument with movie star White has led to criticism aimed at the fighter due to language deemed offensive within tweets.

Perry was apparently angered by a video he saw online in which White was coaching the late Kimbo Slice on striking technique behind the scenes of the 2009 action movie 'Blood and Bone' in which both men starred. 

'Platinum', who saw White's coaching as disrespectful, fired a warning shot at him on social media in which he said that Slice would "beat the sh*t" out of White, who is a legitimate martial arts practitioner, had the two come to blows. Perry then suggested that he and White fight each other, in a backward brawl or otherwise.

He then added another tweet, referring to White with slang for the N-word, a term often used by African Americans to refer to themselves but generally considered off limits for other ethnic groups. Perry later doubled down on the insult with an additional message.

This prompted a backlash against Perry from Angela Hill - the first African American woman to compete in the UFC.

"White people using 'n*gga' to insult a black person, I don’t give a f*ck what your intentions were, it ain’t right," Hill wrote. "The few times I’ve run into Perry during fights he’s seemed cool, this isn’t cool."

Perry has previously come under fire for language he has used on social media. In 2018 he was slammed for using the same slur to describe former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, a move which saw him receive resounding criticism from his peers including UFC fighters Aljamain Sterling and Gerald Harris.

Perry most recently fought in December where he was finished inside the first round by promising contender Geoff Neal.

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