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11 Dec, 2019 16:54

Dolce & Gabbana hit with $77K red card for using Diego Maradona’s name without consent

Dolce & Gabbana hit with $77K red card for using Diego Maradona’s name without consent

Argentinian football icon Diego Maradona is to receive €70,000 ($77,000) from fashion giant Dolce & Gabbana after he won legal proceedings against the brand for using his name without permission.

On Tuesday, a Milan court ruled that Maradona’s name was used by Dolce & Gabbana without his consent and ordered the world-renowned fashion house to pay compensation to the former player.

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Along with €70,000, the luxurious brand has also been ordered to cover €13,000 ($14,400) in attorney fees spent by the player during judicial proceedings.

In 2016, during a fashion show held in Naples, Italy, a Dolce & Gabbana model appeared on the runway wearing a blue and white jersey with Maradona’s name on the back.

The show was organized “without the consent of Maradona and without him having been contacted,” Maradona’s lawyer, Ulisse Corea, said.

The 1986 FIFA World Cup winner initially demanded one million euros for the infringement, but the court cut down the final sum, taking into account the fact that the brand didn’t launch large-scale production of the clothes.