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8 Dec, 2019 15:10

UFC legend Tito Ortiz breezes past pro-wrestler Alberto 'El Patron' in Combate Americas main event, 'wins' WWE title (VIDEO)

UFC legend Tito Ortiz breezes past pro-wrestler Alberto 'El Patron' in Combate Americas main event, 'wins' WWE title (VIDEO)

Tito Ortiz made sure it was known that he doesn't get paid by the hour as he finished the ex-WWE champ Alberto 'El Patron' by first-round submission on Saturday night, taking custody of his opponent's WWE title in the process.

Ortiz made good on his word to make short work of the novice mixed martial artist, making use of his traditional ground n' pound before eventually sinking in the fight-ending rear-naked choke just after the three-minute mark of the first round.

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The build-up to the fight had been marked by animosity between both contestants which sparked Friday's weigh-in shoving match between the two quadragenarians. 

'El Patron,' who went by the moniker Alberto Del Rio during his run to the WWE world title a number of years ago, is well-know among professional wrestling fans and it was hoped that the 'MMA vs. Pro Wrestling' angle would help draw a cross-section of two different support bases.

Whether or not that turned out to be true remains to be seen, but those who did witness the fight will have seen the 44-year-old Ortiz claim his fifth win in his last six bouts - a run which has seen him taste defeat just once in seven years. 

"I was a five-time defending UFC champion, and here I am – 22 years later I still fight, and Alberto pushed me to be the best that I can,” Ortiz said afterwards.

'El Patron,' meanwhile, used his time on the microphone to deliver a passionate speech regarding President Donald Trump's policies surrounding Mexican immigrants. Ortiz, by the way, was wearing a 'Trump 2020' t-shirt.

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Following the bout, Ortiz pledged a donation of $10,000 to his opponent's charity - having said that he would part with $50,000 if 'El Patron' made it to the second round.

'El Patron' in turn made good on his word to give Ortiz his WWE title, fulfilling his own pre-fight promise.