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14 Nov, 2019 14:07

Pick that one out! Brazilian goalkeeper spares blushes after 'saving' ball from BEHIND the net in incredible VIDEO

Pick that one out! Brazilian goalkeeper spares blushes after 'saving' ball from BEHIND the net in incredible VIDEO

There was a dramatic refereeing blunder in the second tier of Brazilian football after the Figueirense goalkeeper pushed a ball out from behind his goal after it had crossed the line, denying Ponte Prete a legitimate goal.

Refereeing mistakes such as this one happen from time to time (think back to Frank Lampard's goal-that-wasn't against Germany in the 2010 World Cup for evidence of this) but few are quite as pre-mediated as the one which took place in the Brazilian Serie B this week.

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With visitors Figueirense 3-1 up away at Ponte Preta and into second-half injury time, a long-range shot from the hosts hit the underside of Figueirense shot-stopper José Guilherme Guidolin Pegorari's crossbar, the ball then colliding with the 'keeper's body as it rebounded off the turf. 

With the ball spinning into the unguarded net Pegorari, by now on the ground beside his goalpost, appeared to 'push' the ball through the net and back into the field of play. Replays showed that the ball was clearly over the line.

VAR, had it been available, would likely have cleared up this incident in a matter of seconds but with video refereeing technology not yet rolled out in numerous league systems across the globe Pegorari got away with him moment of opportunism.

The goal, or lack thereof, is unlikely to have proved crucial in Figueirense's 3-1 win given the late timing of it, but one wonders if this withdrawal from the karmic bank will come back to haunt them later in the season. 

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