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7 Nov, 2019 17:41

'Mike Tyson has agreed to coach me': UFC slugger Francis Ngannou predicts not one but TWO fights with Tyson Fury (VIDEO)

'Mike Tyson has agreed to coach me': UFC slugger Francis Ngannou predicts not one but TWO fights with Tyson Fury (VIDEO)

UFC heavyweight star Francis Ngannou says that boxing icon Mike Tyson will be in his corner for any potential MMA-boxing crossover clash with Tyson Fury, and says that the two will also meet inside the UFC octagon one day.

With Fury's wait to face Deontay Wilder likely to stretch until next February, the lineal world heavyweight boxing champion has certainly been keen to explore a few extra-curricular activities lately. 

The undefeated Englishman recently made his professional wrestling debut as part of the WWE's 'Crown Jewel' event in Saudi Arabia and has since spoken of a desire to take on a challenge in mixed martial arts, noting that top fighters like Conor McGregor and Darren Till have offered their training services to the 6 ft 9 in goliath. 

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However, one of the men in Fury's mixed martial arts crosshairs is keen to return the favor and take on the boxer inside the environment in which he is most comfortable. 

"Tyson Fury wants to make a UFC debut and he mentioned me and Stipe," top-ranked UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou told TMZ Sports.

"Obviously I'm down 200 percent, but I know it's not going to be something easy for him so I will return him the favor in the ring.

"I also always wanted to fight him in a ring. Earlier I was talking about my unaccomplished dream. That is one of my unaccomplished dreams because my dream for many, many years was boxing."

Ngannou, 33, has been training in boxing for more than eleven years and at the age of 26 moved from his native Cameroon to pursue a professional boxing career in France.

It was 2013 when he was first introduced into MMA and saw another career path stretch out in front of him.

His early promise saw him receive a UFC contract just two years later and he has gone 9-2 with the organization, including defeating two former heavyweight champions by first-round stoppage in his last two fights.

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And if this speculation does lead to something concrete, Ngannou says he will have the man after whom Tyson Fury was named in his fight camp.

"I believe I have a good training camp," he explained.

"I have a great team, we put everything together. I've been looking up to Tyson Fury. I've been keeping my eye on him and seeing what he's capable of and how I can beat him - and I believe I can beat him. 

"Mike Tyson has agreed to coach me. You called me out, don't be scared anymore. It's too late, let's do it."