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24 Oct, 2019 20:01

‘Say it to my face’:Tennis Bad Boy Kyrgios slams ‘boring’ opponent who called him an ‘idiot’

‘Say it to my face’:Tennis Bad Boy Kyrgios slams ‘boring’ opponent who called him an ‘idiot’

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has been involved in a Twitter spat with Norwegian counterpart Casper Ruud who branded him an ‘idiot’ and ‘totally crazy’ for explosive on-court meltdowns.

Relationship between the players became tense after Kyrgios was defaulted during their second round clash at the Rome Masters earlier this year.

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The hot-tempered Aussie was disqualified for smashing a racquet and throwing a chair during bizarre third-set outburst.

The wild on-court tantrum didn’t go unnoticed by ATP bosses who stripped the Aussie of the tournament’s prize money and fined him €20,000 ($22,215)

Kyrgios mocked Rudd who passionately celebrated his default victory at the Rome Masters.

Responding to Kyrgios’s criticism the Norwegian called him an “idiot” adding that the Australian player should have been banned for at least six months for his disrespectful behavior.

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"I was happy and got 90 points and $50,000 in prize money so why wouldn't I celebrate?," Ruud said.

"It's his problem that he's an idiot on the court."

The 24-year-old Aussie fired back saying that he would rather prefer watching paint dry then watching Rudd’s “boring” tennis.

"Hey @CasperRuud98 next time you have something to say, I would appreciate you say it to my face, I'm sure you wouldn't run your mouth so much after that. Until then I will continue to rather watch paint dry then watch you play tennis, boring," Kyrgios tweeted.

Kyrgios was given a suspended ban of 16 weeks and additional fine of $25,000 for his explosive outbursts during recent tournaments.