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24 Oct, 2019 11:05

'Conor, is that you?' McGregor lookalike strides down the street in Moscow as media awaits press conference (VIDEO)

'Conor, is that you?' McGregor lookalike strides down the street in Moscow as media awaits press conference (VIDEO)

Conor McGregor has a habit of showing up late to media engagements and, while the media inside city's Telegraph Hall awaited his belated arrival for a press conference, a lookalike strode the streets, accompanied by bodyguards.

RT Sport's Denis Geyko was one of the media in the room waiting patiently for McGregor to arrive at the media event, which was staged by the Irishman's betting partner, Parimatch, and when he looked out of the window, he saw a man dressed as McGregor, striding down the street, flanked by a clutch of bodyguards, all walking in step.

"What's happening here?" he tweeted.

"@TheNotoriousMMA is it you?"

However, the man wasn't McGregor, with the lookalike's short-cropped hair and lighter-colored suit differeing from McGregor's real-life look as he arrived at the press conference and announced his intention to make his UFC return on January 18 in Las Vegas.

The Irish superstar also said he plans on meeting the winner of the UFC 244 clash between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal, then moving on to take on the winner of the mooted UFC lightweight title fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Also on rt.com 'We will settle it, once and for all': Conor McGregor announces UFC return and vows to face Khabib Nurmagomedov again (VIDEO)

Despite being a press conference, it unfortunately seemed that a number of the supposed media members in the room behaved more like fanboys than professional journalists as they crowded the stage following the conclusion of the event, desperate to get a selfie with McGregor.