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Braless Brazil fan renders basketball commentator speechless in comedic World Cup moment (VIDEO)

Braless Brazil fan renders basketball commentator speechless in comedic World Cup moment (VIDEO)
Basketball commentator and ex-NBA star Andrew Gaze was left momentarily speechless by a braless Brazilian fan in the crowd at the FIBA World Cup in China, before the Aussie regained his senses with the perfect response.

Former San Antonio Spurs player Gaze was on duty for the World Cup clash between the USA and Brazil at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center when the cameraman picked out a particularly eye-catching Brazilian fan in the stands.

“Well it’s all on the line now for Brazil,” Gaze was saying as the footage initially showed slow-mo shots of players.

But he was stopped in his tracks when the broadcast switched to the Brazil fan decked in yellow and shaking her chest.

“And... the...,” Gaze said, breaking off before finally regaining his senses to add: “the support they’re getting from their fans, a whole bunch of them coming all the way to China to see this one, and you need that.

“You need to generate that emotion and passion in the fans as well.”

Eagle-eyed social media users were all over the comedy episode, with many predictably noting that while Brazil were benefitting from considerable support, the fan was without any.  

The USA won the game 89-73 as Gregg Popovich’s team also secured automatic qualification for the Tokyo Olympics in the process.

The USA topped Group K as they chase a third World Cup title in a row in China. They next face France in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.