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3 Sep, 2019 11:31

Stripped off: Rugby team ditch lap dancing club sponsor after complaints on Facebook

Stripped off: Rugby team ditch lap dancing club sponsor after complaints on Facebook

Rugby players are known for their laddish, and sometimes loutish larks, but English team Worthing RFC were forced to curb their boisterous behavior after fans complained about a strip club sponsor featuring a semi-naked woman.

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Worthing, based in Sussex, located on England's South Coast, were rocked by complaints from fans on Facebook after they announced they would partner with Platinum Lace Brighton, which advertises itself as the ‘Best Strip Club and Lap dancing venue’, with an advertisement featuring a picture with a woman in a bra.

The gentlemen’s club hosts nights such as ‘Cheeky Tuesdays’ and ‘Sexy Sundays’ and may have seen the sponsorship as a good idea to advertise for dancers, or some extra custom after games.

But the partnership was not received well by fans, who descended on Facebook to criticize the move. “Absolutely ridiculous. This would put me off sending anyone interested in playing rugby to you,” one wrote, while another expressed concern for their young child, saying: “This is unreal. My five-year-old girl will have to look at this.”

Following the scrum of disapproval, the National League 2 South club later released a statement confirming they'd kicked the agreement into touch.

“To our members who have read and commented on a new sponsor, Platinum Lace, we would inform you that we have reviewed the association and withdrawn from the agreement,” the statement read.

“To all that have commented on our recent announcement, we thank you for your interest in following Worthing RFC.”

Ironically, Worthing was endorsed by former England rugby international Brian Moore in May, who tweeted a picture with Worthing RFC chairman Brian Vincent claiming the club had pledged to double the club’s budget committed to women’s and girls’ rugby.

Platinum Lace also offer a service for boxing ring girls, who have recently come under fire from radical feminists, having been replaced by male ‘fight progress managers’ during a show in Australia, after promoters caved to pressure from councillors.

The gentlemen’s club didn’t seem to take the news to heart, instead posting adverts for their all important lingerie competition.