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‘Do something now!’ MLS star Bedoya uses goal celebration to call for an end to gun violence (VIDEO)

‘Do something now!’ MLS star Bedoya uses goal celebration to call for an end to gun violence (VIDEO)
Philadelphia Union football captain Alejandro Bedoya used a goal celebration to call for US Congress to put a stop to gun violence following two mass shootings in the US this weekend.

Twenty-nine people lost their lives in a pair of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio over the weekend. And Philadelphia Union skipper Bedoya made a public statement of support for those families affected by the shootings after scoring during his team’s 5-1 win over DC United.

Grabbing a pitchside microphone, Bedoya sent his message to American lawmakers, “Hey Congress! Do something now! End gun violence! Let’s go!”

Bedoya also made his views very clear in two strongly-worded tweets on the topic.

“Seeing more thoughts and prayers bulls**t,” he said.

“Words without actions are just worthless. America, it seems, is becoming a dystopian society. Do something!!! Enough!!!”

And he followed up with a reply to a snarky response to his tweet with a second message.

“I’m not a policymaker, either. I’m shouting at all those hypocrites to get their sh*t together,” he replied.

“You want some plans. We can start with stricter background checks, red flag laws, making a registry for gun purchases, closing gun show loopholes, and taxing ammunition. Better for you?”