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'The 1st time I've seen Floyd dropped!' Mayweather knocked down in charity basketball game (VIDEO)

'The 1st time I've seen Floyd dropped!' Mayweather knocked down in charity basketball game (VIDEO)
Former pound for pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather Jr was never put on seat of pants in a 50-0 pro career, that was until his ankles were 'snapped' by Larry 'Bone Collector' Williams in a celebrity basketball game.

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Mayweather was taking part in the all-star"50k charity challenge match" in Los Angeles when he went head to head with street basketball player Larry 'Bone Collector' Williams.

Williams turned the former five-weight world champion inside out in a duel, before completely 'snapping' Pretty Boy's ankles and sending him tumbling to the ground to gasps of astonishment from the crowd.

To make matters even more embarrassing for Mayweather, Bone Collector went on to sink the subsequent three-pointer at the top of the key.

Mayweather could only sit on the court and wear a bemused look, in an unfamiliar position of looking up at his opponent from the floor. 

He did however muster a smile through gritted teeth to his foe, acknowledging he'd been forced to taste the medicine he'd spooned out to dozens of felled opponents.

And by then social media had lit up with memes and one-liners celebrating Mayweather losing his prized '0' from sports fans awestruck at the self-styled G.O.A.T being dropped for the first time.