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'It was 100%!' Viral 15yo football fan denies Thiago Silva Glastonbury stunt was staged

'It was 100%!' Viral 15yo football fan denies Thiago Silva Glastonbury stunt was staged
A 15-year-old football fan who went viral after joining UK rapper Dave onstage at Glastonbury to perform a song dedicated to PSG defender Thiago Silva while wearing the player's shirt, has denied the stunt was staged.

Alex Mann was hoisted up onstage from the crowd after being picked out by Londoner Dave, real name David Orobosa Omoregie, to perform a section of his song named Thiago Silva in honor of the Paris Saint Germain and Brazil center back.

The youngster, who donned bucket hat, man bag and a PSG home shirt with the players name and number 2 on the back, resembled any scrawny, awkward teen walking the fields of Worthy Farm at the famous festival in Southern England, and many prepared to cringe as he excitedly made his way across the stage.

What followed was iconic.

After being briefed by his hero, Alex nailed every word of the song with razor sharp verbal gymnastics, looking like a legitimate Glasto act. The crowd responded by going crazy.

The clip caught fire and quickly went viral, making it all the way to Thiago Silva himself, who set out to locate the lad on Twitter, imploring his followers to "help [me] find Alex". And Alex responded with a simple "right here mate".

The boy's Twitter account has since swelled to over 100,000 followers, himself becoming the number one UK Twitter trend, and subsequently requests for interviews have flooded in since his weekend performance.

However, some believed Alex's progression from simple fanboy surfing the crowd on the shoulders of a friend to big time act was suspiciously seamless, and it wasn't long before cynics decided to call the whole thing a setup.  

Alex responded to the accusations his set was fake in an interview with the Guardian. "It was 100%. Completely just happened … I have only ever seen [Dave] once before at a show in Bristol," he said. 

"I walked off stage and the security guards took me back down and it was just amazing. The way security brought me back down was in front of everyone and I was walking past people who were screaming my name. I had the best time of my life," he added.

Silva is currently on international duty with Brazil who are currently hosting the 2019 Copa America and play arch rivals Argentina in the semi-final on Wednesday. 

It would be interesting to find out whether he might just listen to his eponymous track in the dressing room to get up for that match.