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Football legend Gazza issues PERFECT put-down to Snoop Dogg in bizarre social media spat

Football legend Gazza issues PERFECT put-down to Snoop Dogg in bizarre social media spat
In what is one of the most bizarre social media spats of our time, England football legend Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne has hit back at US rapper Snoop Dogg over an Instagram post which depicted the ravages of alcohol abuse.

Seemingly at random, California rapper Snoop posted an Instagram image to his 33 million followers earlier this week showing a young Gascoigne alongside an image of the football star later in life, displaying the effects alcohol abuse have had on the former midfielder.

‘Alcohol abuse,’ read the caption above Gascoigne, who has had well-documented struggles with alcohol and substance abuse since retiring from the game 15 years ago.

Below the image, Snoop posted pictures of himself aged 20 and aged 47, with the caption ‘Marijuana abuse’ to highlight the supposed comparative benefits of the rapper’s beloved herbal habit.

England legend Gascoigne – known for his own barking mad brand of humor – hit back on Friday morning with a mocking Twitter post of his own.  

Sharing a picture of a dog bearing the Long Beach rapper’s distinctive hairstyle with a gold chain and a microphone in front of it, 52-year-old Gascoigne wrote:

“Morning @SnoopDogg get your lazy arse out of bed it’s walkies time woof woof you ugly twat LOVE GAZZA xxx.”

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The initial post from Snoop Dogg – real name Calvin Broadus – met widespread condemnation from Twitter users, with UK TV personality Piers Morgan calling out the rapper.

“This is nasty, shame on you,” Morgan wrote.  

It’s unclear whether the man behind albums such as ‘Doggystyle’ and ‘The Doggfather’ even knew who troubled former footballer Gazza was when posting his image.

The footballer himself initially appeared prepared to let the jibe slide, sharing an image of cartoon character Snoopy with a quote about not rising to disrespect from others.

But Friday’s post has now upped the ante in what is developing into one of the oddest social media spats in recent memory.