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NFL star Cam Newton DENIED as he offers airline passenger $1,500 to switch seats (VIDEO)

NFL star Cam Newton DENIED as he offers airline passenger $1,500 to switch seats (VIDEO)
They say that every man has a price, but perhaps that's not so true on the 6:30pm flight to Carolina as the Panthers' 6ft 5in QB Cam Newton was shot down in his attempt to pay a fellow passenger to switch seats for extra legroom.

A video clip shot by a fellow passenger shows the extravagantly-dressed Newton, a former NFL MVP, offering another passenger $1,500 (€1,300) to consider switching seats so as to afford the former number one pick in the NFL draft a little more real estate with which to enjoy his flight.

The video shows Newton standing over a fellow passenger, attempting to negotiate a price for the potential switch. But when it becomes obvious that no transaction can be agreed upon, Newton is forced to admit defeat and return to his allocated seat. 

The sum offered is just a drop in the ocean for Newton, one of the NFL's best 'double-threat' quarterbacks who is understood to earn in the region of $16 million per year as his base salary - and that's before taking endorsements into account.

Little information is available about the passenger who denied Newton's request, but here at RT Sport our suspicions are he might be an Atlanta Falcons fan, which would explain his refusal to do business with the leader of his team's arch-rivals.

That said, Newton's salary is probably still a little off affording his own private jet, but surely he can afford to fly business class instead of coach if he is concerned about legroom.

Lesson learned for next time, Cam.

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