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'I legit need to try this': UFC star Ben Askren on Russian slapping champion's Watermelon Challenge

'I legit need to try this': UFC star Ben Askren on Russian slapping champion's Watermelon Challenge
UFC welterweight contender Ben Askren is impressed by Russian Slapping Champion Vasiliy 'The Dumpling' Kamotskiy's one-handed destruction of a watermelon in a recent video and has vowed to recreate it.

'The Dumpling' has become something of an online sensation since videos of his exploits at the 2019 Siberian Power Show in March first emerged showing him slapping other gargantuan men into submission in organized slap fights, with even UFC commentator Joe Rogan noting the contests.

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YouTuber Logan Paul pulled out of a scheduled 'slap fight' with Kamotskiy in recent weeks, while he recently floored Kirill 'Bazooka Arms' Tereshin, the man with inhuman biceps, at another event.

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Kamotskiy's latest viral video shows him slapping a watermelon held up by a partner into pieces, demonstrating the concussive force that 'The Dumpling' possesses.

"Watermelons have finally arrived in Siberia," Kamotskiy says in Russian before smashing a medium size fruit into pieces.  

Another man who has been noted for demolishing watermelons with feats of unusual strength is UFC welterweight contender Ben Askren. The undefeated 170lb fighter has gained a following online with his 'Watermelon Challenge', inviting people across the world to attempt to crush the fruit with nothing but their arms.

However, Askren may soon attempt a new approach. Upon viewing Kamotskiy's latest slap video, Askren took to Twitter to say that he "legit needs to try this."

Of course, Askren's next opponent will be much more of a challenge, when he faces Jorge Masvidal – the man who knocked Darren Till out cold in London last March – at UFC 239 in Las Vegas on July 7.