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Instant karma: Amateur league hockey player jumps on opponents, gets KNOCKED OUT COLD (VIDEO)

Instant karma: Amateur league hockey player jumps on opponents, gets KNOCKED OUT COLD (VIDEO)
We all know a guy who shows up to play in a recreational sports league, thinking he is a pro and acting tough. Well, it didn't work too well for this particular ice hockey enthusiast in Russia, who was quickly put to sleep.

A video, shared by ice hockey blogger Pavel Barber on Tuesday, shows one unlucky Russian hockey wannabe tough guy, playing for a team, wearing dark jerseys. At first he appeared to body slam his opponent on the boards, before moving to one of his teammates, trying to pick a fight.

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Let's not forget this is all happening in an amateur league - often referred to as a 'beer league' - where people play for fun, and full physical contact is not really necessary. 

But karma is a bitch, as they say, and sometimes it's very quick to pay you back. One of the guys from the team in the white shirts, who was standing right next to the troublemaker, casually punches him without even taking his hockey gloves off.

And. He. Is. Out. 

You live and learn. Hopefully the lesson is learned for this particular 'tough guy' and all bullies alike.