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8 May, 2019 11:48

Mini Mac: Conor McGregor shares hilarious clip of youngster copying his famous strut (VIDEO)

It’s one of the most notorious swaggers in sport that few others can pull off, but UFC star Conor McGregor has given his approval to one youngster’s version of his famous strut.
Mini Mac: Conor McGregor shares hilarious clip of youngster copying his famous strut (VIDEO)

The Irishman’s trademark walk – chest puffed out, arms flailing by his sides – has become one of the most recognizable elements of his cocky persona.

Few can emulate it with the brash braggadocio of McGregor, but the effort from one budding martial artist has gained the seal of approval from the former UFC ‘champ champ’ himself.

McGregor shared a video with his more than 30 million Instagram followers of the boy swaggering around the mat before a contest.

“My god! This kid must be worth billions...,” the Irishman wrote.

McGregor didn’t provide a name or location for his cocky imitator, but the comments section as well as local media reports cite the boy as being from Kazakhstan.

The budding ‘Notorious’ strutted his way into the affections of many social media users, with comments such as “swag level over 9000!”

UFC star Tyron Woodley simply replied with three flame emojis.

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McGregor’s trademark walk – dubbed ‘The Billionaire Strut’ by some – has been picked up by sports stars the world over and incorporated into their celebrations.

After the MMA star attended a Dallas Cowboys game last year, members of the team copied the strut after a touchdown move.

McGregor’s strut has not been seen in the Octagon since he was defeated by Russia’s Khabib Nurmagomedov in Las Vegas in October.

The Notorious is tipped to make a UFC return this year, with lightweight rival Tony Ferguson the most recent name touted as his next opponent.