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28 Feb, 2019 13:30

‘You've spat in her face’: Medvedeva hounded on social media over Tuktamysheva Worlds snub

‘You've spat in her face’: Medvedeva hounded on social media over Tuktamysheva Worlds snub

Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva has been attacked on social media following her inclusion for the World Figure Skating Championships at the expense of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, with many hoping the latter would be selected.

Both skaters took part in the Cup of Russia earlier this month, a competition which served as the final selection for the World Championship which is scheduled to take place in Japan from 19-24 March.

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Medvedeva won the event, denting Tuktamysheva's hopes and substantially increasing her chances of being selected for the team despite having an unimpressive season.

On Wednesday, the Russian Figure Skating Federation announced the roster for the upcoming world championship in Japan, naming Medvedeva as the country’s third competitor in the ladies program.

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Tuktamysheva, the 2015 world champion, and who lost a head-to-head duel with Medvedeva, was chosen as a reserve skater along with Stanislava Konstantinova.

Medvedeva’s inclusion in the squad triggered an avalanche of negative reactions which flooded the skater’s Instagram account with many followers condemning the federation’s decision and labeling it “disgraceful and unfair.”

How can they send Medvedeva to the world championship taking into account her disastrous results this season? She hasn’t won any international competition. Highly doubtful victory at the Russian Cup is her sole achievement this year,” asked one user.

I’m happy that you will never become an Olympic champion, you will always be a loser,” an infuriated fan said on Medvedeva’s page.

You have spat in Liza’s face and her coach’s face as well. You are double-faced, I will no longer respect you,” said another.

Let everybody see her failure at the world championship. Then they will remember Tuktamysheva who was left out,” one message read.

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You should withdraw from the world championship, that would be fair,” one skating fan ranted.

Some people said they will support Japanese competitors in protest at the federation’s ruling to leave Tuktamysheva out.

Zhenya, how could you do that? You said (during press-conference) that Liza should go to the world championship. You understand quite well that this season she is much stronger than you. Tuktamysheva should have been selected, not you!!! I will cheer for Japanese skaters at the worlds, as I’m disappointed by stupid and unfair decisions,” one user wrote.

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I will not cheer for the Russian skaters because I’m against dirty and unfair game which corrupted officials initiated. Zhenya should give her place on the team to Tuktamysheva, if she is a true skater who supports fair competition.

This is a truly unfair decision. I will support Japanese skaters. I’m fed up with these decisions made by corrupted managers,” another follower added.

Along with hateful messages Medvedeva’s page also featured supportive comments left by the skater’s fans.


You have deserved to be selected. Good luck at the world championship!” one well-wisher wrote.

Zhenya went through tough selection to be fairly included to the team. She fully deserved the right to compete at the world championship. You are the queen of figure skating,” another message read.

Congratulations. You have gone through hardships this season. I am looking forward to watching your skating,” came another.