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18 Jan, 2019 14:55

Watch Russian figure skating star Medvedeva dodging kiss from intrusive fan (VIDEO)

Watch Russian figure skating star Medvedeva dodging kiss from intrusive fan (VIDEO)

Olympic silver medalist Evgenia Medvedeva has gracefully coped with an awkward moment during an autograph session in Moscow, skilfully avoiding a kiss from an impudent fan who attended the event.

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The young man wearing a CSKA flag around his neck approached the skating diva and quickly attempted to kiss her on the cheek while she was busy signing promotional cards.

The two-time world champion rapidly reacted dodging the unexpected move before pulling a smile to take a picture with the unlucky kisser.

The 19-year-old skater prematurely finished her season after failing to qualify for the Russian team finishing in a disappointing seventh place at the national championship. 

Despite being announced as a reserved skater for the European tournament Medvedeva’s chances to perform in Minsk are slim, as the three Russian team members chosen for the tournament are in excellent shape and have no intention of withdrawing from the competition.

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Medvedeva who had remained unbeaten for two figure skating seasons was extremely disappointed with her second place finish at the 2018 Olympics, where she was defeated by her teammate Alina Zagitova.

Pursuing her dream to achieve higher results in the sport, the skater parted ways with her long-time coach Eteri Tutberidze right after the PyeongChang Games and moved to Canada to train under renowned figure skating pundit Brian Orser.

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However, their collaboration has not yet been as fruitful as expected with Medvedeva missing podium places this season.