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Floyd Mayweather to make $80mn in 2019, plans to have 5 fights (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather to make $80mn in 2019, plans to have 5 fights (VIDEO)
Boxing great Floyd Mayweather plans to fight five more bouts similar to the money-spinning exhibition he took part in late last year against Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan, saying he could earn as much as $80 million by doing so.

Mayweather, who renewed his official retirement after defeating Conor McGregor in what was, for now at least, his last professional bout appears to have found another way to squeeze dollars out of the boxing world without having to put his undefeated record in peril, after telling TMZ that he plans to fight in a series of exhibitions this year.

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The first, he says, will come in July and will be against a "Japanese boxer, a former boxer."

Mayweather, 42, was contracted by Japanese fight promotion RIZIN to box their prized asset, Nasuwaka, last year and Mayweather made quick work of the 20-year-old kickboxer, knocking him down several times within the first round.

And it appears their arrangement is set to continue.

"They called me, I got another one in Japan, in July... for like $10 million, three rounds," Mayweather said.

"I got another one in July, same rules, always my rules. It's a Japanese boxer, a former boxer from what I heard, I got a call today. In exhibitions this year alone, I think I got about four or five exhibitions this year... I'll make about $80 million, this year."

The former world champion across numerous weight classes said that these type of contests are a good way to make money without putting his health at risk.

"It's all about being smart," he said. "My faculties are very important."

However, Mayweather's newfound method of making money appears to indicate that his time as a professional prizefighter has come to an end, despite a recent challenge from former foe Manny Pacquiao.