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6 Feb, 2019 22:41

NFL Star Antonio Brown sues mother of his child after domestic dispute ‘tarnished’ his name

NFL Star Antonio Brown sues mother of his child after domestic dispute ‘tarnished’ his name

Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Antonio Brown was involved in a domestic dispute last month with the mother of one of his children. New details have emerged on the matter, which Brown’s lawyer stating that his client was not charged.

It was revealed earlier this week that Brown had been involved in the domestic violence incident in January but had not been arrested by police.

At the time, Brown’s attorney attacked reports that, he said, had miscategorized the incident, considering that his client had never been arrested or charged by authorities.

“The allegations are baseless and false,” Brown’s attorney Darren Heitner wrote in a statement to ESPN.

“It’s unfortunate that the media is trying to use distractions like this and prior stories in an effort to tarnish my client’s name and reputation. We have no further comment.”

Following the initial story, details from police were finally revealed this week regarding what happened between Brown and the woman who reported an incident.

According to police records, the woman involved in the matter is the mother to Brown’s daughter and she had gone to his home to drop off the child and to receive reimbursement for a hair appointment.

Brown reportedly wouldn’t give her the money or allow the woman to enter his home and she blocked the door to stop him from closing it. He then allegedly “used both hands to push her out of the doorway, causing her to fall backwards to the ground.”

The woman reportedly hurt her wrist and sustained scrapes from the fall, before leaving Brown’s residence.

The police report states that the woman in question “refused to complete a victim affidavit” and she had been given information on filing a restraining order. The woman later stated that she didn’t wish to press charges because she admittedly blocked the door to prevent Brown from closing it.

The incident ended without Brown being arrested or facing any kind of charges from police but now he’s taking his own legal action against the mother of his daughter.

On Wednesday, Brown’s attorney revealed that the wide receiver would be filing for sole custody of his daughter, following this incident with her mother.

“The complainant unnecessarily involved my client’s minor child in her false reporting, causing irreparable harm to a minor child,” Heitner told TMZ.

“Therefore, Antonio Brown’s family law attorney, Jaclyn Soroka, Esq. will be filing an action with the Court today, seeking full legal custody of his child accordingly.”

Brown has never made any public statement regarding the domestic dispute or his new plans to file for sole custody of his daughter.