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17 Jan, 2019 16:55

'I pick the team on penis size!': Female coach delivers perfect response to interview question

'I pick the team on penis size!': Female coach delivers perfect response to interview question

Female coach Imke Wübbenhorst hit the headlines in December when she became the first female coach in the top five divisions of German football. Now she has hit the headlines for her witty response to an interview question.

Wübbenhorst was being interviewed by German newspaper Welt about the being the only female coach in the German men's game, and she shrugged off the topic with a superb answer to one poorly-judged question in particular. 

When asked if she told her players to ensure they were covered up when she was in the dressing room, Wübbenhorst immediately delivered a brilliant answer.

"Of course not," she said.

"I'm a professional. I pick the team on penis size!"

It was the perfect response to a question designed to highlight supposed challenges for a woman making it as a coach in the men's game.


Wubbenhorst was appointed as the head coach of BV Cloppenburg in December 2018, but has yet to take charge of her first match due to the winter break currently taking place in German football.

She has a tough task ahead of her, with Cloppenburg sitting at the bottom of the Oberliga Niedersachsen, which is one of Germany's 14 fifth-tier divisions.

Wübbenhorst, herself a former player for Cloppenburg's women's team, moved into coaching after retiring from the playing career.

She worked her way up through the coaching ranks before eventually earning a shot at the head coach job.

And if Wübbenhorst approaches her job with the same bravado and good humor that she approached her recent interview, Cloppenburg may be in good hands.