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9 Jan, 2019 14:06

Cheeky winner: Bernard Tomic defeats Nick Kyrgios with incredible trick serve (VIDEO)

Cheeky winner: Bernard Tomic defeats Nick Kyrgios with incredible trick serve (VIDEO)

Australian rivals Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios met at the Kooyong Classic, with Tomic claiming a straight-sets win with a cheeky between-the-legs serve that left his opponent stunned.

Tomic and Kyrgios had never met before in competition prior to their match at Wednesday's exhibition event. But the pair faced off in a low-key matchup that served as a useful warm-up for their respective campaigns at the upcoming Australian Open in Melbourne.

Tomic dominated proceedings to claim the straight-sets victory with scores of 6-3, 6-4, but it was not the manner of his victory that left the fans talking afterwards - it was the way he sealed his win on match point.

With Tomic sitting on two match points, the 26-year-old decided to try a trick serve, playing a between-the-legs shot over the net and into Kyrgios' service court before bouncing a second ball, seemingly in preparation for a 'real' serve.

In fact, the first shot was completely legal and caught Kyrgios flat-footed as the equally-stunned umpire called game, set and match to Tomic.

To his credit, Kyrgios took the incident in good spirits and grinned as he walked to the net to congratulate Tomic on his win.


And Kyrgios was equally classy after the match as he paid tribute to Tomic, the former world number 17 who has clawed his way back up the rankings after falling as low as 243 in the ATP rankings.

"I don't think there's ever been a player like BT (Tomic)," said Kyrgios after the match.

"It is great to see him back out here as I know he was going through some rough times.

"He won a title last year and it looks like he is carrying a bit of momentum which is good to see.

"He looks happy, he looks healthy. That's the main thing. You never want to see a talent like that go down and keep being down."


But the nature of the match overall didn't sit well with everybody watching.

Despite being an exhibition game rather than a competitive tournament match, the Australian pair were criticized for a lack of effort, with Australian Olympic hockey star Georgie Parker calling the matchup "an absolute joke," and slamming the pair for not "giving two s**ts."