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26 Dec, 2018 16:30

‘We will find a solution’: Russian sports minister on WADA access to lab data

‘We will find a solution’: Russian sports minister on WADA access to lab data

Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov has vowed to solve issues surrounding access to Moscow laboratory data, promising to find a compromise that will satisfy the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

WADA officials visited Moscow last week to check doping probes stored in the anti-doping laboratory, access to which was granted by the Russian authorities as part of the deal between the two sides to reinstate the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) in September.

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However, WADA's five-person team headed home empty-handed after being told by Russian officials that the team’s data extraction was not certified under Russian law, and they would not be allowed to proceed with their mission.

We need to settle several technical details regarding the equipment used by WADA representatives,” Russian Sports Minister Kolobkov said, TASS reported.

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We demonstrated the equipment to WADA experts, who were offered to copy the lab’s database and even remove it. Basically, this was a unique solution with Russia’s Investigative Committee making an unprecedented step forward.

We remain in close cooperation with WADA, and I’m confident that we will find the solution corresponding to Russian legislation which will satisfy WADA.”

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An inability to retrieve doping data from the laboratory could lead to serious consequences, including a repeat suspension of RUSADA.

On lifting the ban from the country’s anti-doping body, WADA stipulated conditions including access to the Moscow laboratory’s samples and data by the end of the year.