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20 Dec, 2018 18:43

'We've been offered $15mln for McGregor rematch, but we want $30mln!': Khabib's father & coach

'We've been offered $15mln for McGregor rematch, but we want $30mln!': Khabib's father & coach

Father and coach of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, Abdulmanap, says his son has been offered 15 million dollars for a rematch with Irish MMA superstar Conor McGregor, but they are aiming for the offer twice as big.

In an interview with Russian media outlet Sport 24, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov spoke on a range of topics, including his son's life-changing victory over McGregor at UFC229, a possible boxing match with undefeated legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his next UFC fight plans.

"As an active fighter, defending his UFC belt, Khabib has 3-4 fights left," Nurmagomedov Sr. said regarding his sons plans within the promotion, while also indicating that seeing his son fighting in Russia is one of his biggest desires.

"I always had this dream - one fight (in Russia). Wherever, whenever, whoever. For the UFC to give us that. And I will be fighting for that right. We've spent almost an eternity (in the sport). With injuries, and without them, thinking of retiring, thinking of staying, thinking of the health. We came back, we proved our point, we won it. That is it. There is no motivation left. We won the belt, defended it."

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"It's like not like we had two or three fights, like (Eddie) Alvarez. We conducted 11 fights, and won all 11 of them. Many people were talking about the (Al) Iaquinta fight, that he was (ranked) number 11, that he was weak, and all that. We destroyed all (these talks) in McGregor fight. Fair and square.

"We said there will be one round of a stand up fight - there was. We said we'd drop him - we did. We'll make him give up - we did. What else do you want, dear haters? Where are you now? They are reaching out to us now. You want to fight? Sure, 30 million and we will.

When asked by the reporter whether his last words were addressed to haters, Abdulmanap said:

It's for McGregor. They offered us 15 million for a rematch with McGregor. But why? 30, guys, 30. 

"There are some other guys who deserve it and are waiting for Khabib. We should respect them as fighters. We should consider that as well - Poirier, Ferguson. Ferguson, I think fully deserves it. He's number one sports-wise," continued Nurmagomedov Sr.

"But if we want to attract the fans, make some money, hype it up, increase the following. It could be Diaz. The opportunity is there, we've got time to choose. Our task is to get prepared, perform and win. The promotion's task is to prepare a new contract, which should consider our interests: one fight, wherever, whenever, whoever. We are making a choice and calling it a deal. If in Moscow — then in Moscow. In Sochi — then in Sochi. In St. Petersburg — then in St. Petersburg. In Ekaterinburg — sure," concluded Abulmanap.

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"Is Khabib's manager Ali Abdelaziz aware of that?" Asked the journalist.

"If he doesn't know, he will know by now," came Abdulmanap's reply.