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30 Nov, 2018 20:18

Incredible footage of backflipping Chinese children wows the internet (VIDEO)

Incredible footage of backflipping Chinese children wows the internet (VIDEO)

Children at a Chinese martial arts school have demonstrated they have much more than just their martial arts skills, after showcasing a stunning display of gymnastic flips.

The pupils at the Red Kids Martial Arts School from the eastern Chinese city of Yantai, Shandong Province, showed off their remarkable flipping skills for the cameras this week.

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And the school's headmaster, Huijie Song, said that the children are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential in their training by a team of professional coaches who monitor every student's abilities.

"Our coaching team would comprehensively evaluate children's appearance, somatotype, flexibility, physical fitness and make a training plan according to the evaluation results," he explained.

"By doing this, we can ensure his accomplishment of training."

But the school head also revealed that the dizzying backflips demonstrated by the youngsters at the Yantai school represent more than just athletic ability.

He acknowledged that the training is arduous as well as mentally and physically taxing, but explained that the difficulties in training will help the youngsters cope with tough situations in life.

"The kids could overcome all kinds of difficulties when they grow up if they have suffered hardships like this," he said.

"Frustration education is beneficial to them. Moreover, it can be combined with the spirit of the Red Army. We hope the kids can learn about the strong will and hardships during the Red Army's long march.

"By coaching the kids with the basic training of martial arts, we hope they won't forget our history."