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Man Utd boss Mourinho goes full Khabib after last-second equalizer in bout against Chelsea (VIDEO)

Man Utd boss Mourinho goes full Khabib after last-second equalizer in bout against Chelsea (VIDEO)
Jose Mourinho lost his temper after a last-second equalizer goal and tried to get up-close and personal with the Chelsea coach celebrating the goal. He did not evade the stewards, though, who prevented the scuffle from escalating.

The 2-2 draw between Manchester United and Chelsea on Saturday afternoon could have ended with an old-fashioned brawl. As if the heart-stopping equalizer on the 96th minute by Chelsea’s Ross Barkley was not enough.

Jose Mourinho lost his temper over the behavior of Chelsea’s assistant coach Marco Ianni, who celebrated the last-second goal, punching the air just before the Man Utd boss. Mourinho’s expression says it all.

The manager tried to get up-close with the air-punching coach, yet he was swiftly restrained by stewards. The incident was also skillfully handled by Chelsea’s boss Maurizio Sarri, who talked to Mourinho and made Ianni apologize.


“I didn't see what happened but I have spoken to Jose Mourinho. I understood that we were in the wrong side of the situation,” Sarri told BBC sport. “I have spoken to a member of my staff and have dealt with this immediately.”

As the situation was defused, Mourinho did not hold any grudges against the coach.
"The assistant has already come to me and apologized, I told him to forget it. I have made a lot of mistakes in my career,” he told Sky Sports after the game. “He was very impolite but Sarri took care of the situation.”

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