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6 Sep, 2018 21:11

‘He’s an extraordinary liar, just like Sonnen’: Jon Jones blasts UFC’s Colby Covington (VIDEO)

‘He’s an extraordinary liar, just like Sonnen’: Jon Jones blasts UFC’s Colby Covington (VIDEO)

Colby Covington has lately become one of most infamous characters in MMA, and ex-light heavyweight champion Jon Jones – his former college roommate – has added to that notion by saying Covington is incapable of telling the truth.

Rarely has a fighter’s nickname appeared as apt as that of Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington. The American wrestler has made no bones about upsetting any of his opponents, or indeed the countries from which they hail.

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His rivalry with Rafael Dos Anjos, for example, was characterized by Covington referring to Brazilians as “filthy animals” in the lead-up to the fight and, while it’s often said that all is fair in love and fight promotion, many fighters, fans and media alike were critical of the somewhat tactless promotional tactics employed by Covington.


One such fighter is Jon Jones, a former college roommate of Covington. Earlier this year, Covington made headlines by speaking of Jones’ conduct in college, accusations which Jones denied.

Speaking to RT Sport, the former UFC light heavyweight champion elaborated on his feelings towards Covington.

“Man, he is such an interesting character,” Jones said. “One thing I’ll say about him [is] that I wish people realized is how severe of a liar he is. He is an extraordinary liar. He reminds me a lot of Chael Sonnen, how he could just say one thing and tell the fans a bold-faced lie.

“He lies about things that aren’t even really important. I can see you lying if it’s life or death, or if it’s really going to be a detriment to your career or something, but he just makes up lies. I really feel sorry for him to be that type of person. I really feel sorry for him. I don’t know if that is fixable. That’s what I think of him.

“His fighting skills and all that, he’s OK. He’s doing well. I just want to see him be better, and I’m sure a lot of people could say the same thing about me, but I just want to see him be better. Work on being better.”

Despite those words of advice, Jones said that he has no desire to speak face-to-face with his former roommate.

“I don’t think I’d say something to him, he really isn’t… I don’t want to say that, I was going to say he’s not worth my time, but that could be a little arrogant. I have nothing to say to him. He has a lot more to prove in this sport. He’s got a lot more work to do to sit at the table with me. In the game right now – he is a child and I am a man, when you really think about it. Just when it comes to the things I’ve proven. He is not close to be on my level.”

However, Jones did say that he was impressed by Covington’s recent photograph with US President Donald Trump.

“I was happy for him that he got to meet the president. I’m a big fan of the law of attraction where people say, ‘Hey, I’m going to do this,’ and they actually do it. Him saying that ‘I’m going to meet Donald Trump and I’m going to the White House’ and it actually happening! I love that type of stuff.”