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20 Aug, 2018 17:14

English football club paints away dressing room pink ‘to lower opponents’ testosterone level’

English football club paints away dressing room pink ‘to lower opponents’ testosterone level’

English football club Norwich City has painted the walls of the away dressing room pink in a bid to produce a calming effect and lower the testosterone levels of opponents.

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The club’s Sporting Director Stuart Webber, who spoke at a fans’ forum at the Carrow Road stadium last Thursday, announced that the visiting team’s locker room had been painted a “deep pink” – a relaxing color that is widely used in US prisons to lower aggression among inmates.

The color is believed to alter a person’s mental state which could affect athletes’ performance by lowering their testosterone levels.

In contrast, Norwich’s changing room is painted white and has motivational phrases written across the walls.

If it’s true that pink lowers testosterone levels then the coach should know exactly how to use that advantage tactically,” Dr Alexander Latinjak, a lecturer in sport psychology at the University of Suffolk, was quoted as saying by BBC.

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“Now that teams will know about the pink locker room, they could take countermeasures to ensure higher testosterone levels,” he added.

The ‘color therapy’ used by the team hasn’t worked flawless so far this season as Norwich was beaten 4-3 by West Brom in the first home match.