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20 Aug, 2018 14:27

‘So much blood’: Angry golfer leaves spectator with 6 head stitches after ‘freakish’ accident

‘So much blood’: Angry golfer leaves spectator with 6 head stitches after ‘freakish’ accident

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? For one spectator at the WinCo Foods Portland Open it was neither, rather a flying golf club from pro Kevin Stadler which left them with a souvenir to forget – 6 stitches to the head.

Stadler slammed his golf club into the ground in anger after a wayward tee shot, causing the club to snap somewhere near the base of the shaft.

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The metal club head flew into the crowd, where it struck a spectator on the head, causing a gruesome gash. The stricken fan had to be rushed to hospital, eventually needing 6 stitches to the wound.


According to ESPN, Stadler’s playing partner Shaun Micheel posted on Facebook about the incident.

He wrote: “I had my head down but the club head flew behind me and hit a spectator to my right. It's been a while since I've seen so much blood. We stayed with him for about 15 minutes before the EMTs arrived.

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“We did our best to keep his [Stadler’s] spirits up,” 2003 PGA champion Micheel added. “Each of us in the group learned something today.”

Orlando Pope, a Web.com Tour rules official, told ESPN: “It was a very freakish accident. Kevin is devastated, he had trouble trying to finish the round, he was quite worried and felt so bad.”

However, Twitter users were not so sympathetic towards Stadler, with many suggesting he should receive some type of formal punishment. The identity of the injured spectator is not yet known but they have reportedly been discharged from hospital.