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13 Aug, 2018 17:27

Drastic falls & nosebleed victories of inaugural multi-sport European championship (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Drastic falls & nosebleed victories of inaugural multi-sport European championship (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The first ever European multi-sport championship concluded on Sunday with some of the athletes leaving the tournament in total frustration after their gold medals chances were destroyed by unexpected falls and failures.

1. Germany’s catastrophic changeover in the men’s 4x100m relay

German sprinters, who were leading the men’s 4x100 men relay, ruined their chances to clinch the European title after the two runners crashed on the track at the final exchange.

Julian Reus and Lucas Jakubczyk both needed medical assistance following their horrible falls which denied their team a chance to be among podium finishers.

In the absence of the German squad Great Britain took the title, while Turkey and Holland won silver and bronze respectively.

2. Disastrous performance in diving by Georgian athlete

Georgian diver Tornike Onikashvili was probably the most unfortunate athlete competing in aquatics events in Glasgow as he displayed catastrophic performances in both events he took part in.

Onikashvili committed noticeable mistakes in the individual 3m springboard event when he fell into the pool underestimating his dive.

The similar error was demonstrated again when he performed together with his teammate in the men’s 3m synchro competition.

3. Israeli runner long-distance runner who thought she crossed the finish line with one lap to go

Kenyan-born runner Lonah Chemtai Salpeter who represented Israel at the European championship was running shoulder to shoulder with the leader Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands when she suddenly stopped mistakenly thinking the race as over though there was still one lap to go.

The halt cost the runner a potential medal in the women’s 5000m event, as she failed to regain her previously held second-place position in the race finishing in fourth place.

4. Belarusian marathon runner who overcome excessive nosebleed


Belarusian athlete Volha Mazuronak claimed European championship title running a quarter of the distance with excessive nosebleed which started 30 minutes after the start.

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The 29-year-old said she didn’t want to stop to receive medical help fearing she would lose a chance to win the coveted medal.