Russian embassy beats Uruguay at opening match of 'DC World Cup' in Washington (VIDEOS)

Russian embassy beats Uruguay at opening match of 'DC World Cup' in Washington (VIDEOS)
The international 'DC World Cup' football tournament has kicked off in Washington DC, with the Russian team beating their Uruguayan diplomat colleagues 4-3 in an intense inaugural game while Russia hosts the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Dozens of amateur football players and supporters gathered to watch the first ever DC Embassy World Cup match, where Team Russia clashed with their Uruguayan counterparts on a warm sunny day in Washington.

Wearing red jerseys, the diplomatic staff of the Russian embassy took to the pitch determined to win. Following an intense but rather friendly clash, the Russian envoys came out victorious, beating the Uruguayans 4-3 at the final whistle. Following the pleasant game, the teams posed for a diplomatic photoshoot.

“We are celebrating the multinational and multicultural spirit of DC, united with the excitement of the FIFA World Cup,” one Latin American team supporter told videographer Ford Fischer. “We’re doing this with the highest standard of sportsmanship and following the spirit of fair play.”

Co-sponsored by FIFA 2018 World Cup, the Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser and the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, the 16-team tournament will run through July 14. In addition to the South American representatives, Russia will face Mexico on June 26, followed by Germany on June 30, as part of Group A match-ups. 

Group B will see England, Belgium, Colombia and Panama battle to make it to the playoffs. Australia, Denmark, Peru and France will battle in Group C, while Group D will witness matches between Argentina, Brazil, Serbia and Switzerland. The tournament has been organized to coincide with and to celebrate the FIFA 2018 World Championship being played in Russia.

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