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8 Jun, 2018 06:05

Twitter chuckles about ‘Russian interference’ after historic win of Ovechkin’s Capitals

Twitter chuckles about ‘Russian interference’ after historic win of Ovechkin’s Capitals

Within minutes of the Washington Capitals’ first Stanley Cup ever, their victory was chalked up to “Russian meddling.” When the team, featuring Alex Ovechkin and two other Russians, claimed the Cup, Twitter just couldn’t resist.

The Washington Capitals defeated the Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 in game 5 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals on Thursday. Alexander Ovechkin became the first Russia-born player to captain his team to the most coveted prize in hockey.

Of course, Twitter wouldn’t be Twitter if it passed up the chance to make a few jabs.

The majority of the jokes, however, were light-hearted.

Others seized upon the opportunity to peddle the ‘Russiagate’ narrative.

US President Donald Trump, who seemingly can’t get a break from the ‘Russian collusion’ story, was dragged in as well. Some Twitter users said he now has no choice but to invite the Capitals to the White House, since Ovechkin is not just any Russian, but a well-known supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin – who, according to the most ardent ‘Russian meddling’ theorists, is Trump’s puppet master.

Capitals fans, however, were hardly worried about Putin’s sinister plots as they descended upon the streets of DC in the thousands to celebrate the long-awaited victory.

Ovechkin has never hidden his affinity for the Russian leader. Last year, ahead of the Russian presidential election, he launched ‘Team Putin’ – a movement in support of his candidacy. His political views did not sit well with everyone: recently, US-based sports journalist Slava Malamud wished death upon the NHL superstar for supporting Putin.

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