Footloose: Spain star Sanchez goes viral with J-Lo throw down (VIDEO)

Footloose: Spain star Sanchez goes viral with J-Lo throw down (VIDEO)
A Spanish footballer has grabbed the spotlight for his footwork off the pitch after he posted a video showcasing his dancing prowess - wearing nothing but a towel. The viral clip has generated almost 1 million views in a day.

Joaquín Sánchez, who plays for Real Betis, challenged singer Jennifer Lopez to a dance-off with a Twitter video of himself dancing to the pop star's latest hit - the Spanish language single El Anillo (The Ring).

Sánchez begins his performance by teasingly showing off a bare leg through a partially opened door before taking center stage in a ‘just out of the shower’ look.

Wearing a towel on his body and another around his head, the 36-year-old player showed off his dance moves and even attempted to sing a few lines before sweeping off the towel in a grand finale.

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The video has made Sánchez, who previously played for the Spanish national team, an overnight viral sensation. At the time of writing his tweet had accumulated over 28,000 retweets and the video itself had been watched 950,000 times.

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