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Football rule-makers consider 30 minute halves to radically change beautiful game (POLL)

Football rule-makers consider 30 minute halves to radically change beautiful game (POLL)
A proposal to dramatically alter the rules of football has been put forward by the organization responsible for creating and implementing the laws of the world’s most popular sport.

Scrapping the game’s standard 45-minute half is the most startling proposal brought by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

The restructuring would see actual playing time increased by slashing each half by 15 minutes, with time stopped each time the ball goes out of play, according to IFAB.

The radical idea has been proposed, along with a number of others, in a document the organization calls Play Fair!

Designed to tackle the beautiful game’s negative aspects, the document has three aims: to improve player behavior and respect, increase actual playing time, and to increase fairness and attractiveness.

One of IFAB’s particular gripes is with time wasting.

The document stresses that match officials should be stricter on the time-wasting rule that allows the goalkeeper to hold onto the ball for six seconds. IFAB also states that referees should get better at calculating additional time.

Other ideas up for debate include allowing players to dribble straight from a freekick, rather than take the mandatory pass, as is presently the case.

IFAB believes that this would “encourage attacking play, as the player who is fouled can stop the ball and then immediately continue their dribble/attacking move.”

A stadium clock that stops and starts along with the referee’s watch is amongst some of the other radical moves proposed.

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech thinks it’s a good idea to change the format, do you?

Share your view in our poll.