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Argentine football fan dies after being mistaken for rival supporter & chased from stands (VIDEO)

Argentine football fan dies after being mistaken for rival supporter & chased from stands (VIDEO)
An Argentine football fan has died two days after being chased and pushed from the terraces by angry supporters during a match between Club Atlético Belgrano and Talleres in Córdoba.

Belgrano fan Emanuel Balbo, 22, sustained serious head injuries when he fell from the stands at the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes during the Argentine Primera Division match on Saturday.

Balbo had reportedly argued with supporters during his team’s derby with Talleres, after which one shouted that he was a rival fan in disguise.

Footage shows the victim running down the stand while fans aim blows at his head and then push a visibly panicking Balbo as he attempts to jump from the stands to escape his attackers.

Further images show Balbo lying motionless on concrete stairs where he landed, 5 meters below the stand. He died two days later.

Belgrano issued a statement in which the club promised to dedicate itself to finding justice for Balbo.

“Belgrano Club deeply regrets the death of Emanuel Balbo and, as the institution that organized the event in which the incident happened, emphasises its predisposition to the cause in the corresponding area: Justice.

“On a very sad day for the whole Celeste family, Belgrano again calls for reflection and brings peace to his community on institutional involvement so that justice is done by Emanuel.

“Here it is not a question of giving effective speeches, but of acting in depth in the corresponding field.

“That is the real and true commitment of this Club. Our condolences to family and friends.”

Balbo was taken to hospital with severe head injuries and died on Monday morning, UPI reported.

Four men have been arrested in connection with the attack, while another remains at large.

Raul Balbo, Emanuel's father, said on radio that his son had identified a man named as Oscar Sapito Gómez, whom Balbo Sr. blames for the death of his younger son four years ago in a car accident.

Gómez in turn allegedly told the crowd that Balbo was a Talleres supporter, which instigated the ruckus.