NFL star Peters casually catches 220lb teammate in mid-air (VIDEO)

Ryan Mathews #24 of the Philadelphia Eagles is caught by teammate Jason Peters #71 © Rich Schultz / Getty Images
As an NFL offensive lineman Jason Peters' job is to protect his teammates, but the Philadelphia Eagles star went the extra mile during Sunday's win against the Cleveland Browns.

When a diving tackle sent running back Ryan Mathews spinning into the end zone, Peters prevented his teammate from landing on his head by catching him in mid-air.

With Mathews weighing in at 220lbs and traveling at speed, Peters could have been forgiven if he hadn't made the catch, but he casually plucked the 28-year-old out of the air before placing him safely on his feet.

Peters coolly celebrated the touchdown, which helped the Eagles to a 29-10 success over the Browns.

The former Buffalo Bills player has previously been selected to play in the Pro Bowl eight times and as a First-team All-Pro on two occasions.

With the strength and instinct he showed on Sunday there's a good chance he'll be in the running for more recognition this season.

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