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Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a fast-paced, in-depth discussion on the most pressing issues facing the world today.It strives to depart from the traditional Q&A form of interview in favor of a more emotive and engaging conversation. Host Oksana Boyko is not afraid to ask the hard questions that others avoid, with the aim of promoting intelligent public debate.

Jul 25, 2019 07:34

Stuck on the stick? Horst Teltschik, former foreign affairs adviser to chancellor Helmut Kohl

The Ukraine crisis in 2014 marked the beginning of a precipitous downturn in Europe-Russia relations. Both sides blamed each other, sanctions and counter-sanctions were imposed, and avenues of dialogue were closed off. But with Russia having recently been readmitted into the Council of Europe and calls for the removal of anti-Russia sanctions growing louder, could Moscow’s relations with Europe finally be starting a new chapter? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Horst Teltschik, international consultant and former foreign affairs adviser to chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Jul 21, 2019 06:49

Bust trust? Ernst Joerg von Studnitz, former German ambassador to Russia

In 2014, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly told her American counterpart that the Russian president was living in another world, referring to the vast gap between the perceptions of Putin and the West of what was taking place in Ukraine and, more broadly, within the international system. Five years on, whose perception is proving more accurate? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Ernst Joerg von Studnitz, former German ambassador to Russia.

Jul 18, 2019 09:36

Home truths? Sam Gosling, professor of psychology at the University of Texas

The English language has over four dozen idioms with words such as “room” or “space” and many more if you include “home” or “shelter,” reflecting the significance we humans attach to our living quarters. How much about a person can be inferred from the way he or she takes up space? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Sam Gosling, professor of psychology at the University of Texas.

Jul 14, 2019 06:51

Fasting away diabesity? Jason Fung, nephrologist and best-selling author

It’s one of the cruelest and yet most avoidable and reversible diseases of our times. It’s the price humans pay for progress and abundance, a new Frankenstein created by the collusion of industry and science. Obesity, or rather diabesity, has been making life miserable for millions of people, mainly because they follow the advice of their doctors. Should they? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Jason Fung, Canadian nephrologist and best-selling author.

Jul 11, 2019 06:55

Sanctions anniversary: Frank Elbe, former German ambassador

For all the highs and lows in the Russian-German relationship, the two countries have long been compelled to keep it together – more so because of the economic and geographic synergy than any political will. Since 2014, Germany, at the Americans’ behest, has tried to distance itself from Russia, both economically and politically. Did it work? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Frank Elbe, a former German ambassador and former speechwriter to the legendary foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher.

Jul 7, 2019 06:54

Happy as can be? Meik Wiking, CEO of The Happiness Research Institute

Even though happiness is one of the longest studied subjects in human history, the current scientific consensus is not far off from the conclusions of the first Western scholar of it, Democritus, who 2,400 years ago said that it was a ‘case of mind’. If happiness is indeed primarily in the eye or the mind of the beholder, why are governments around the world suddenly so preoccupied with it? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute and best-selling author.