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Going Underground


Three times a week Afshin Rattansi and his team go underground to discover the stories that aren’t being covered by the mainstream UK media. From GCHQ to Occupy protests, and everything else in between, Going Underground is here to bring a fresh perspective to our audiences around Britain.

Dec 2, 2020 09:10

UN rapporteur: Israel won’t end occupation of Palestine without international action! (E955)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to the UN special rapporteur for the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Professor Michael Lynk. He discusses how coronavirus is battering the Palestinian population in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the political climate in Israel and why there is no appetite for a peace settlement with Palestinians, why international action is needed to end the occupation of Palestine, the illegality of Israel’s settlement expansions and annexations under international law, abuse he has faced online for detailing human rights abuses by Israel, and much more!

Finally, we speak to Dr. Ashok Kumar, author of ‘Monopsony Capitalism: Power and Production in the Twilight of the Sweatshop Age’. He discusses what monopsony capitalism is and why we are currently living in it, how big clothing brands like Nike and Adidas have traditionally dominated markets by having a large amount of suppliers, how markets are evolving to have fewer suppliers which could benefit workers, labor action and strikes in China against poor working conditions and low wages, and how strikes and labor organization in Southeast Asia is spreading among sweatshop and factory workers, examples of successes for labor in collective bargaining in the changing market such as in Honduras, and more!

Nov 30, 2020 06:17

Ex-MI6 agent: Iran doesn’t need settlement with Biden’s US, can look to Russia & China! (E954)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to former MI6 agent Alastair Crooke CMG. He discusses the reported meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ahead of Donald Trump’s departure from the presidency of the United States, what the objectives of the meeting were, Israel and Saudi Arabia’s objective of putting Iran at the top of Joe Biden’s foreign policy agenda, why Joe Biden, Israel and Saudi Arabia are likely to have major differences on policy towards the Islamic Republic, why Biden is already asking too much from Tehran, why Iran doesn’t need a settlement with the US as ties with Russia and China grow deeper, and much more!

Finally, we speak to Alexander Nanau, director of ‘Collective’, a film highlighting the work of investigative journalists to uncover major healthcare fraud and corruption in Romania. The film starts with the Colectiv night club fire in 2015 in which 64 people lost their lives, explores the major healthcare crisis in Romania and the lack of improvement for decades, and eventually uncovers a corruption scandal that rocked the entire nation.

Nov 28, 2020 08:14

Neil deGrasse Tyson on coronavirus, climate change, war & space exploration (E953)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. He discusses what the United States and many European countries have gotten wrong in their coronavirus response, the politicization of science and the damage it has done to effectively fight Covid-19, opportunities and hurdles in fighting climate change, how militarization and warfare have always been linked to advances in science and technology, how war is not just an American but a human disease, why China will be the first to hear from aliens if they contact us, the future of space exploration and much more! 

Nov 25, 2020 09:02

Afghanistan: Behind the rise of the Taliban & Al-Qaeda (Ex-US State Dept official Barnett Rubin) E952

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Barnett Rubin, ex-State Department official and author of ‘Afghanistan: What Everyone Needs To Know’. He discusses the rise of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda out of the Mujahideen after a brutal conflict with the Soviet Union, how the communist government fell to the Islamist forces following the collapse of the USSR, the role of Ayman al-Zawahiri, Richard Holbrooke and his role in the NATO intervention in Yugoslavia, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden under the Obama Administration and why it has not changed much on the ground, the Trump administration’s agreement with the Taliban, and why it has not yet guaranteed peace in Afghanistan despite a framework established for US withdrawal, and much more!

Nov 23, 2020 06:48

Will rich countries buy up coronavirus vaccines, leaving the global south to suffer? (Dr. Jerome Kim) E951

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Dr. Jerome Kim, director-general of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI). He discusses the purpose of the IVI and how it’s seeking to speed up the development and distribution of coronavirus vaccines, the prospect of Covid-19 deaths doubling if rich countries buy up the first two billion doses, the COVAX facility and how it will help to get vaccine doses to poorer countries, Russia and the United States not being a part of COVAX, the need for more global health collaboration, the threat of antimicrobial resistance, and more!

Finally, we speak to Sarah Hughes, CEO of the Center for Mental Health. She discusses the UK’s mental health vulnerability and the impact which the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have had on mental health, her letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock calling for mental health to be a top priority and the need for more investment in the sector, her figures which estimate that one in five will have mental health issues after the pandemic, the privatization of the NHS and the growing private sector mental health industry, and much more!

Nov 21, 2020 08:16

Legendary war reporter Martin Bell on Yemen War: We are a civilised nation, we should not be arming Saudi Arabia (E950)

We speak to legendary war correspondent Martin Bell. He discusses the horror of the crisis in Yemen, which the UN has called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, his first-hand experience of seeing the suffering in Yemen, the record of the Saudi-led coalition’s strikes on civilians and civilian infrastructure, British assistance to the Saudi-led coalition, why British arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition must end and much more! Finally, we speak to award-winning journalist Peter Oborne. He discusses being on the ground in Nagorno-Karabakh during the recent Azerbaijan-Armenia war, reports of Azeri bombardment as the war progressed, the geopolitics of the war with the West taking a backseat while Russia and Turkey became major players, meeting and learning the stories of Armenian soldiers, reports of Turkish-backed Syrian jihadists committing atrocities in Nagorno-Karabakh and much more.