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Going Underground


Three times a week Afshin Rattansi and his team go underground to discover the stories that aren’t being covered by the mainstream UK media. From GCHQ to Occupy protests, and everything else in between, Going Underground is here to bring a fresh perspective to our audiences around Britain.

Feb 26, 2020 08:57

CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling: Assange Case Shows USA Will Use Any Method to Quiet Dissent (E849)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, who was convicted for revealing details about Operation Merlin. He discusses the extradition trial and persecution Julian Assange is facing, his own experience of being prosecuted –on circumstantial evidence– for whistleblowing, whether the WikiLeaks founder would face a fair trial in Virginia, his experiences of racism with the CIA, his advice for other potential whistleblowers, and more! Next, we speak to Lord Clarke of Windermere, ahead of the Labour Party’s 120th Anniversary. He discusses Labour’s loss in the 2019 election and why there are some positives for Labour, the importance of Brexit in Labour’s loss, Jeremy Corbyn’s perceived unpopularity, the pro-war history of Labour Prime Ministers, and more!

Feb 24, 2020 06:25

Julian Assange is being prosecuted for revealing human rights violations – UN Torture Rapporteur Nils Melzer (E848)

We speak to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer about the persecution of Julian Assange. He discusses the threat Assange’s persecution poses to press freedom, why the mainstream media is slowly starting to support the WikiLeaks founder, the allegations Assange faced in Sweden, governments not cooperating with him despite his UN mandate, and more!

Next, we speak to Antony Loewenstein, author of ‘Pills, Powder and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs’. He discusses the dirty secrets of the US’ war on drugs in Latin America, why Honduras is more violent today than it was in the 80s, how the US has made Honduras’ problems worse, why he believes in legalizing drugs, and more!

Feb 22, 2020 07:57

Roger Waters: Washington has decided they want Julian Assange killed! (E847)

Going Underground Social Media Producer Farhaan Ahmed speaks to Richard Burgon MP, who is standing to be Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. He discusses the importance of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange’s leaks, what his extradition could mean for press freedom in the UK and around the world, and why his extradition should be halted. Next, legendary former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters speaks to Afshin Rattansi about the persecution of Julian Assange ahead of the upcoming extradition trial. He discusses why he believes Washington is seeking to imprison Assange for 175 years, the importance of his leaks, the Washington-backed regime-change attempt in Venezuela and coup in Bolivia, and more! Farhaan Ahmed speaks to BAFTA award-winning actor Steve Coogan and BAFTA award-winning director Michael Winterbottom about their new film ‘Greed’, a comedy highlighting billionaire excess and the gap between the super-rich and the super-poor.

Feb 19, 2020 09:14

Assad's media adviser: We will liberate ALL of Syria from terrorists and occupiers! (E846)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Syrian President Bashar Assad's media adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban. She discusses the Syrian Arab Army/pro-government forces victory in Aleppo, which has secured the entire Aleppo region for the first time since 2012, the Idlib offensive and why it has taken so long for the Syrian government to conduct the operation, allegations of Russian and Syrian targeting of civilians in the offensive, her message to President Erdogan in the context of the Turkish occupation of Northern Syria, and more!

Next, we speak to Deng Xiaoping's former translator Victor Gao about the coronavirus outbreak, criticism of the Chinese response, allegations of mass human rights abuses against the Muslim Uighurs, the crisis in Kashmir involving China, India and Pakistan, the trade war with the United States, whether China is a dictatorship, and more!

Feb 17, 2020 05:58

Soweto Kinch: Boris Johnson's cabinet is the most racist, xenophobic & white supremacist we've had! (E845)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to former Yemeni minister for human rights Houria Mashhour about the ongoing Yemen War. She discusses the scale of the country's humanitarian crisis, accuses the Houthis of instigating the crisis by staging a coup, discusses Britain and the US cutting humanitarian aid to Yemen, her opinion on British arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and more!

Next, we speak to two-time MOBO Award-winning artist Soweto Kinch. He discusses the recent Home Office deportation flights to Jamaica, Jeremy Corbyn's response to Boris Johnson suggesting he be deported for using cocaine, why Johnson's cabinet is the most xenophobic, white supremacist and racist in history, why he's endorsing DrillMinister for mayor of London, the inspiration behind his new album 'The Black Peril,' and the significance of the year 1919 in 2020. He plays us out with his new song 'Riot Music.'

Feb 15, 2020 08:38

Coronavirus threat: Can we develop a vaccine before it becomes a pandemic? (E844)

We speak to Dr. Thomas Breuer, GSK Vaccines’ chief medical officer, about the coronavirus. He discusses how long it would take for a vaccine to be developed, the threat of the virus mutating during vaccine development, competition between other Big Pharma companies to develop the vaccine, GSK’s troubled relationship with China, the effect of US sanctions on developing a vaccine and more!

Next, we speak to former Labour MP Emma Dent Coad about this week’s top stories including Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle which saw Sajid Javid resign and replaced by Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Corbyn attacking the government over the possible extradition of Julian Assange, how crime bosses have exploited the EU to make billions and more! Finally, we speak to Marco Bellocchio, director of the film ‘The Traitor’, which explores the secrets and conduct of the Sicilian Mafia as well as the real life of Tommaso Buscetta, the first mafia informant in Sicily in the 1980s.