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'CrossTalk' is RT's flagship program. This TV debate experience presents hot-topic discussions on politics, business, newsmakers, global trends, present-day conflicts, and dangers and challenges facing our world. Host Peter Lavelle poses hard, straightforward questions to his guests, and demands concrete answers in response. Peter's guests are politicians, journalists, scientists and decision-makers of all sorts – anyone who influences the decisions changing our world or plays a key role in forming public opinion.

Jan 20, 2021 06:53

CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: New tyranny?

Social media platforms today function as the public square. They are key to almost everything we do in society. These same platforms can ban you, de-platform you – essentially disappear you. Should private companies have that kind of power? Is it time to rein in Big Tech?

CrossTalking with Lionel, Jeffrey Carr, and Graham Elwood.

Jan 18, 2021 06:51

CrossTalk Bullhorns, QUARANTINE EDITION: Patriot Act 2.0 

It seems inevitable there will be new security regulations passed into law in the wake of the events on Capitol Hill. The original Patriot Act was made law to legitimize the so-called War on Terror. Will the Patriot Act 2.0 focus on ‘domestic terror’? And, how will the US engage the EU once Joe is in office? 

CrossTalking with Glenn Diesen and George Szamuely.

Jan 15, 2021 07:57

CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: What kind of legacy?

On this edition of CrossTalk, we have a look at Trump’s legacy as president of the United States. As our politics are so divided, we should not be surprised there are multiple legacies, depending on how you view Trump. There can be no doubt he changed America and the presidency.

CrossTalking with Scott Ritter, Laura Fink, and Brian Trascher.

Jan 13, 2021 07:29

CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: Political abyss?

As the Trump presidency comes to an end, the country stares into a political abyss. Divisions are deeper than ever before, and dialogue is almost nonexistent. Talk of compromise is deemed to be treasonous by many. This will hardly change on January 20.

CrossTalking with Michael Patrick Flanagan, Margaret Kimberly and Rina Shah.

Jan 11, 2021 06:57

CrossTalk Bullhorns, QUARANTINE EDITION: Speech assault

Last week there was an assault on the nation’s Capitol. What does this tell us about the state of American politics? Is there still a space to disagree and dissent? Importantly, does the idea of a loyal opposition still exist?

CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich and George Szamuely.

Jan 1, 2021 08:35

CrossTalk Bullhorns, QUARANTINE EDITION: 2020 Q&A

Every year, with great pleasure, Peter and his guests answer questions from our viewers. And this year is no different. As usual, questions focus on future possible events.

CrossTalking with Glenn Diesen, George Szamuely, and Maxim Suchkov.