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'CrossTalk' is RT's flagship program. This TV debate experience presents hot-topic discussions on politics, business, newsmakers, global trends, present-day conflicts, and dangers and challenges facing our world. Host Peter Lavelle poses hard, straightforward questions to his guests, and demands concrete answers in response. Peter's guests are politicians, journalists, scientists and decision-makers of all sorts – anyone who influences the decisions changing our world or plays a key role in forming public opinion.

Mar 27, 2023 05:28

CrossTalk, HOME EDITION: Spring offensive(s)

Speculations swirl about an imminent Ukrainian spring counteroffensive. It is reported that Washington is pushing the Zelensky regime to start regaining lost territory to strengthen its position for future negotiations. It would seem the Russians have their own plans, however.

CrossTalking with Kevork Almassian and Maxim Suchkov.

Mar 24, 2023 06:24

CrossTalk: Alternative order

In the West it is called a marriage of convenience, but for Russia and China their relationship is strategic and an alternative to the West’s so-called ‘rules-based order.’ What the West refuses to recognize is what the Russians and the Chinese practice – and it’s called ‘multipolarity.’

CrossTalking with Andy Mok, Danny Haiphong, and John Gong.

Mar 22, 2023 06:03

CrossTalk: Practicing multipolarity

The Chinese president’s visit to Russia is historic for a number of reasons. First, it's to accentuate the growing Russia-China strategic partnership. Second, it's to demonstrate what both countries publicly advocate: the transition to a multipolar world beyond American hegemony.

CrossTalking, with Matthew Ehret, Andrew Leung, and Robert Buzzanco.

Mar 20, 2023 07:17

CrossTalk, HOME EDITION: Schizophrenic justice

The International Criminal Court has accused Russia of committing war crimes in Ukraine. Of course, the Biden administration could not be more pleased. The ICC has a history of doing Washington’s bidding – the same court Washington refuses to be a part of.

CrossTalking with Martin Jay and George Szamuely.

Mar 17, 2023 06:41

CrossTalk: Hard talk on Ukraine

Slowly but surely, legacy media support of the West’s war on Russia is changing. Ukraine is not winning and is hardly likely to win in the end. Propaganda is at times powerful, but cold hard facts eventually trump fables written by the elite’s mediocre scribes.

CrossTalking with Ryan Cristian, Rachel Marsden, and Pepe Escobar.

Mar 15, 2023 06:10

CrossTalk: China’s masterstroke

China has performed a masterstroke of diplomacy. It has brokered an agreement that will see Iran and Saudi Arabia reestablish diplomatic relations once more. This could be a step that not only reorders the Middle East, but also ushers in an era of stability in the region. Now, Washington is the odd-man out.

CrossTalking with Mohammad Marandi, Andy Mok, and Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann.