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The Cost of Everything


The Cost of Everything surrounds us and determines both our economic future as well as how we function as individuals, families, communities, and nations. The Cost of Everything with Christy Ai breaks down the trends, products, technologies, and more to help you, the viewer, navigate in a financial world that’s growing ever more complicated. Join us as we break down the Cost of Everything.

Dec 1, 2022 06:30

Costly supply chain and semiconductor disruption

The semiconductor chip industry has taken a hit after the Covid-19 pandemic. In this episode of the Cost of Everything, Christy Ai analyzes how chips affect our daily life, with Aquiles Larrea from Wealth Management. Later in the show, Christy Ai speaks to Doctor Jack Rasmus about the road to recovery of the port industry, shipping, and logistics post-pandemic.

Nov 24, 2022 06:32

The cost of winter

On this week's the Cost of Everything we discuss how Europe and the rest of the globe are facing pain heading into winter with expensive gas, food, and other essential products. Will the EU be forced to return to coal and nuclear energy if the gas spigots are cut off as a result of their sanctions on Russia? Christy Ai sits down with David Tawil, founder of Pro-Chain Capital, and Serena Huang, head of APAC Analytics at Vortexa, to discuss.

Nov 17, 2022 06:16

The high cost of food and fertilizers

The high cost of fertilizers, and therefore food, is in some sense artificial, given that is not driven by any actual shortage of food in the world but by geopolitical power plays. In this episode of the Cost of Everything, Christy Ai analyzes what is causing food prices to soar to record highs around the globe with writer and journalist Daniel Lazare.

Nov 10, 2022 06:25

The cost of energy prices is skyrocketing

The cost of living around the world has increased since the crisis in Ukraine began. Global energy prices have jumped, as Russia and Ukraine are both major commodity producers. Who are the winners and losers with the surge in prices? The Cost of Everything analyzes the devastating ripple effect in other areas dependent on energy with Bob Iaccino, co-founder & chief market strategist at Path Trading Partners, and Richard Wolff, professor of economics emeritus at the University of Massachusetts. Join host Christy Ai as she breaks down the Cost of Everything.