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The Cost of Everything


The Cost of Everything surrounds us and determines both our economic future as well as how we function as individuals, families, communities, and nations. The Cost of Everything with Christy Ai breaks down the trends, products, technologies, and more to help you, the viewer, navigate in a financial world that’s growing ever more complicated. Join us as we break down the Cost of Everything.

Feb 22, 2024 06:28

The cost of child care

On this episode of The Cost of Everything, we take a closer look into the expenses associated with childcare in the United States and other countries, exploring the challenges parents face in raising one or more children to adulthood. Host Christy Ai engages in a discussion with expert Dr. Reba Perry Ufele, examining the advantages and disadvantages of childcare centers versus the traditional family caregiving role. Additionally, they explore government incentives and subsidies available to low-income families and single parents.

Feb 15, 2024 03:00

The cost of alcoholism

Discover the impact of raising that champagne flute for a toast or enjoying a beer while watching sports on the latest episode of The Cost of Everything. Join host Christy Ai with Dr. Charles Smith as they delve into the fine line between the occasional indulgence and the slippery slope of alcohol dependency. Explore the financial toll of being tethered to alcohol, from regular purchases to potential job loss due to alcoholism. Uncover the broader economic consequences of this prevalent yet pricey addiction, exacerbated during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Feb 8, 2024 05:57

The cost of cancer

On this episode of The Cost of Everything we dive into the multifaceted challenges posed by cancer. Host Christy Ai delves into the financial, physical, and emotional strain experienced by patients and by their families. Dr. Hesham Hazin joins the discussion, exploring available treatments and the cost dynamics associated with different types of cancer. Gain insights into the most prevalent forms of cancer and their corresponding treatment expenses on this episode of The Cost of Everything!

Feb 1, 2024 05:39

The cost of elder care

On this episode of The Cost of Everything, we take a closer look into the expenses associated with care for the elderly and explore the diverse options available for an aging population. Join host Christy Ai in a conversation with expert Keith Mauck as they discuss the choices families and elders have, ranging from assisted-living facilities to at-home care solutions. Discover how individuals are making informed decisions to ensure their later years are both affordable and filled with compassionate care.

Jan 25, 2024 05:57

The cost of unbanking

On this episode of The Cost of Everything we take a closer look at how lack of access to the banking system is detrimental to the economic well-being of citizens as many, especially the poor, don’t have access to banks. Host Christy Ai spoke with professor and author Richard Wolff about how the banks and even the cryptocurrency markets are for-profit entities that seem to exclude the unbanked, and about how governments are trying to give the unbanked access to banking as an added government service.

Jan 18, 2024 06:16

The cost of credit-card debt

On this episode of The Cost of Everything we take a closer look at the cost of credit-card ownership, which usually ends up with customers unable to pay off credit-card debt. Host Christy Ai and finance expert Todd ‘Bubba’ Horwitz analyze why credit-card debt is so high in the United States, especially among Generation Z, and how instant gratification comes at a high cost. Also, how can credit cards be a double-edged sword?