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Moscow Mules


Chay Bowes and his team of Moscow Mules take on the hot topics & events of the week with an angle that you might not expect. Global politics, viral vids, liars and heroes – Chay breaks it all down. You’ll be having a laugh, maybe even a cry, but there will definitely be something to think about – tune in!

May 12, 2024 09:22

Just like your wife, we are always right

In this episode of the Moscow Mules, Chay Bowes explains how whatever we say on this show always comes true. We also look at how Boeing could stop worrying about passengers with one simple trick. Finally, we explore the latest Eurovision freaks. Tune in for this and more.

May 5, 2024 10:53

A solution to all things: reduce the population

In this episode of Moscow Mules, Chay Bowes takes on the various ways your favorite people (aka the self-propelled grandad, his dysfunctional VP and the baguette boy) work to ensure the great bright future for their children: wasting the tax money, flying Boeing, and of course, having a Dengue fever-themed Olympics. Tune in.

Apr 28, 2024 06:43

How to screw over your own people: US Congress masterclass

On this episode of Moscow Mules, Chay Bowes examines how American congressmen have cheated voters by spending tens of billions on Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without giving a penny to secure the US border – and that’s after months of empty talk about ‘America first’. Should “the shining city on a hill” be called “the bulls**t city in a ditch” now? Watch and decide for yourself.

Apr 21, 2024 08:22

Dancing into oblivion

On this episode of Moscow Mules, Chay Bowes does an interpretive dance to protect himself from sexual assault, explains what a New York Kiss is, and looks into ways to become a mindless zombie. Come dive with us into the clown world of the current year.

Apr 14, 2024 12:30

French Olympics, NAFO cringelords, Moon and other things full of cr*p

In this episode of Moscow Mules, Chay Bowes and his crew look at the latest developments in the upcoming rat-filled and E. coli-fueled Olympic Games in France, the lame tricks Olympic officials resort to and how Trump is as large as the Moon (which, by the way, is filled with gas). Stay tuned.

Apr 7, 2024 06:36

Releasing the hounds, cheering on rapist trannies and ruining one’s own economy: Western politics 101

In this episode of the Moscow Mules, Chay Bowes (straight from Ireland) and his crew are having a healthy giggle at how the Western elites try to do everything in their power to turn their nations into ridiculous caricatures of themselves. Come and laugh with us, then be sad for the rest of the week.