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The World According to Jesse


A variety news show that tackles today’s biggest political stories, as well as deeper issues such as government hypocrisy and corporate deception, through a mix of thought-provoking interviews and on-the-ground reporting.

Feb 22, 2020 07:04

Jimmy Dore’s LOL moment over claims Afghanistan War is ending

Jimmy Dore fills in for Jesse Ventura. Jimmy and Brigida Santos discuss the president’s claims that the Afghanistan War is ending now that a peace deal with the Taliban has been drafted. They also talk about whether members of Congress will come together to protect their constitutional rights to declare war, and reveal why Americans are increasingly getting evicted. Filmmaker and actress Paola Baldion shares what she learned from her documentary, ‘I am Migration’. In the film, Paola travels across America to teach people about their migration history through DNA testing.

Feb 15, 2020 08:33

Iran assassination: They’re not impeaching Trump over this

Jimmy Dore fills in for Jesse Ventura. Jimmy and Brigida Santos talk about bipartisan support for militarism and screwing the environment, and reveal why Iraq says the US was wrong about an attack that nearly started a war with Iran. RT’s Lee Camp reveals the contents of President Trump’s new budget proposal for 2021.

Feb 8, 2020 07:19

Israel, Palestine: ‘The US is proposing a war crime and calling it a peace plan’

Jimmy Dore and Brigida Santos discuss President Donald Trump’s one-sided peace plan for Israel and Palestine, and reveal how private military contractors and mercenaries are paying off terrorists to protect corporate interests in the Middle East. Investigative journalist Katherine Eban talks about the hidden dangers of generic drugs.

Feb 1, 2020 08:41

Jimmy Dore: End of the Cold War was the worst thing that ever happened to the military-industrial complex

Jimmy Dore and Brigida Santos discuss the global war on journalism. From the case against Glenn Greenwald in Brazil, to the Saudi Crown Prince’s alleged spying on Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, press freedoms are under attack. Plus, America’s last nuclear arms control treaty with Russia is set to expire in one year. What does it mean for the future of global nuclear disarmament? Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear talks about the next era of nuclear warfare.

Jan 25, 2020 08:29

Jimmy Dore: 'A bipartisan bill means we'll see an extra big screwing of the American people'

Jimmy Dore and Brigida Santos discuss the first phase of President Trump's partial trade deal with China. Why are Republicans and Democrats coming together to replace NAFTA with the United States Mexico Canada Agreement? Dr Ron Paul talks about how Trump's financial warfare is affecting the American economy.

Jan 18, 2020 09:45

Jimmy Dore: 'Trump is doing what George Bush did with pre-emptive war'

Jimmy Dore and Brigida Santos discuss efforts by House Democrats to limit President Donald Trump's ability to engage in war with Iran without congressional approval. Will the Senate also approve the War Powers Resolution? Jimmy and Brigida also reveal the Department of Homeland Security's new DNA collection program at the border. Security expert Nick Espinosa talks about California's new digital privacy law. Will it really protect consumers from corporate spying?