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Sputnik Orbiting the World

Sputnik orbits the World with George Galloway, looking behind the stories which made the news, as well as unearthing the ones that didn’t. Expect debate and discussion between George Galloway and authoritative, influential, but most importantly, informed, guests. Topics may differ from politics to social concerns, but Sputnik will remain true to its aim – bringing a new perspective, a different view.

Aug 17, 2019 10:15

Hong Kong and Irish politics

After many weeks of demonstrations everywhere in Hong Kong, it seems that the effective occupation of the airport, one of the busiest in the world, is the final straw for China. Most now expect a distinct hardening of the line that China will take towards the mass disruption and the economic loss caused by the demonstrators. The British government, who seized the territory 150 years ago for punishing China for stopping the British opium trade, has called for calm. However, the American government appears to be turning up the heat; a suspiciously large number of American flags appeared in the hands of the demonstrators and the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ appears to be their anthem. So, to find out what’s going on there and what might happen next we invited one of Britain’s leading communists and friend of China Dr. Ranjeet Brar into the studio.

Clare Daly has been involved in politics, it seems, all her life: From her student days as president of her students’ union, to her trade union activism and, most recently, her election as an independent MEP in the European elections. She is one of the most exciting political figures to come out of Ireland in the last hundred years. So, during a visit to London this week, Sputnik caught up with her for a two-part special interview to find out more about how she came to politics, her activism and about her aspirations as a newly elected MEP for Dublin.

Aug 10, 2019 10:21

The oil crisis and Labour Party divisions (E292)

Instability in the oil and gas markets is among the obvious consequences when three of the world’s biggest producers are being sanctioned by the United States and others. Russia, Venezuela and Iran are all under varying degrees of economic siege. Moreover, piracy abounds on the high seas and tankers are being boarded and Shanghai-ed. It seems only a matter of time before economic warfare turns more deadly. Gaurav Sharma is an oil and gas market analyst and the very definition of an energy expert, so, we invited him into the studio to speculate on what might happen next.

The Labour Party appears to be tearing itself apart at the moment with divisions and accusations of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. However, Palestine Issue Magazine claims that Palestinian matters bring everyone together, even though the reality would suggest otherwise. Kaied Omar Ghiyatha is the editor-in-chief as well as one of the few Arab officials in the Labour Party. So, we invited him into the studio to help us shed more light on the situation.

Aug 3, 2019 10:22

Prisons in crisis and ethics of AI (E291)

Temperatures have already reached the highest since records began. It’s set to be a long hot summer and nowhere more so than in Britain’s overcrowded, understaffed prisons. Deprived of the right to strike and, they say, underpaid and under strength, our prison officers will struggle to keep the lid on the boiling pot of Britain’s huge jail population. Mick Pimblett is on the frontline, he’s one of the leaders of the Prison Officers Association, and, so, we invited him to the studio to tell us about a system in crisis.

Florid flesh and blood might be back in Downing Street but the robots haven’t given up. We regularly talk about artificial intelligence, but most experts are more concerned with the technology rather than the sociology. Artificial intelligence threatens to throw millions out of work, which would be fine if the newly unemployed didn’t starve as a result. One man, who is campaigning prodigiously on these issues, is Dr John McCone, founder of Philosophy for the Future. He hopped aboard Sputnik to tell us more about the ethics of AI.

Jul 27, 2019 10:48

UK’s new PM and fake news (E290)

It was the night of the long knives. Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson – will we ever get used to that phrase – tore apart Theresa May’s erstwhile cabinet like a wild beast. He brutally dispatched his closest rival Jeremy Hunt, set Jacob Rees-Mogg to work fixing the price of sausages in the House of Commons canteen, made Michael Gove chancellor of somewhere in Lancaster, and Gavin ‘Private Pike’ Williamson was put in charge of education. But will it work? With one bound, will the Tories be free of their Brexit problems? We invited former Conservative minister, and twice-Tory hopeful to be mayor of London, Steve Norris into the studio to try and answer this and other pressing questions.

Upon being told of the news of President Calvin Coolridge’s death, Dorothy Parker famously quipped, “How could they tell?” Amidst a flurry of anti-fake news initiatives by the corporate-state nexus, the government’s own anti-disinformation campaign has been stepped up, refunded, and reshaped. The ‘Integrity Initiative’, which turned out to be registered in a derelict mill in Fife, crashed and burned on entry into the public limelight. But as George Orwell showed, you can always give things another name. Black can be white. Truth can be lies. War can be peace. One man who has written forensically on all of this is Mohamed Elmaazi, editor at the Interregnum, contributor to the Canary, and associated with the increasingly influential Grayzone Project, so we invited him into the Sputnik studio.

Jul 20, 2019 10:32

Iranian crisis & magic and faith (E289)

An extraordinary crisis has erupted between Britain and Iran involving the Rock of Gibraltar, 2.1 million barrels of oil, the Royal Marines, HMS ‘Montrose,’ HMS ‘Duncan,’ and the Strait of Hormuz. It is an ancient enmity – Britain colonized Iran of course, and was still performing regime changes there in this lifetime. A conference is set to take place soon in the hope that the straits can be protected, but many powers are skeptical. Time to learn more about how we got here, where we are now, and where we’re going from, and we will learn that from former military man and security expert Charles Shoebridge.

Is magic an illusion or sorcery? From magic to miracles, Ian McCoy performs jaw-dropping, close-up sleight of hand.  He is also a mentalist, academic, and author who has written books not only on magic and illusion but also on faith. The Merseyside maestro has recently published a book about faith, which he believes is not illusion at all, but magic that is the real McCoy. We invited him to the Sputnik studio to see what tricks he has up his sleeve.

Jul 13, 2019 11:01

Revolution in Sudan and predicting the future (E288)

As the French revolutionary Saint-Just said, “He who half makes a revolution, digs his own grave.” Revolution is a process not an event, often taking years to complete its course as in the case of the French and Russian revolutions. Sudan must be seen in these contexts. If the masses succeed only in removing the dictator General Bashir, they will merely replace one dictatorship with another. If they don't complete the course, they will dig their own graves. So, to discuss these turbulent events we invited Ahmed Kaballo, broadcaster, journalist and son of a prominent Sudanese revolutionary, into the studio to tell us just what is happening.

There used to be a wonderful BBC series called ‘Tomorrow's World’ in which from a ‘70s perspective they tried to predict what life would be like in the then-distant 21st century. Not much of it proved accurate, which taught us that prediction was a risky business. Undeterred however, Keith Mansfield, a publisher, scientist and mathematician from Cambridge University, now working at Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute, and with the University of Berkeley, has produced a digest of 200 futuristic concepts all explained in an instant. We invited him to the studio to tell us what he predicts.