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Unseen Yemen and car chaos (E361)

Have you heard about the war that has seen the loss of the souls of hundreds of thousands of people in one of the poorest countries in the world at the hands of the one of the richest? No? Then you are not alone. It is a war which we hear virtually nothing of and is one being waged by Saudi Arabia and its allies against its neighbor, Yemen. The deaths are not just from rockets, bombs, and missiles. This is a country where cholera is on the march, mass starvation has left children suffering from malnutrition, and many are dead from famine. An eyewitness from the front is Naseh Shaker, a journalist and broadcaster based in Sanaa. He joined Sputnik to give his account of what is happening now.

Is the traffic situation in Britain driving you crazy? Many drivers are being driven to distraction as cycle lanes in major cities are currently causing chaos; the ULEZ low emission zone (and charge) in London is set to expand from October 2021 and the phasing out of new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles (including plug-in hybrids) has been brought forward by 10 years – it all adds up to a war on drivers. Of course, when fossil-fuel vehicles are one of the major contributors to climate change, the problem is undeniable but according to Brian McDowall of the Association of British Drivers, there is a need for further discussion. So, we invited him onto Sputnik to tell us more.

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