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27 Jul, 2019 10:50

UK’s new PM and fake news (E290)

It was the night of the long knives. Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson – will we ever get used to that phrase – tore apart Theresa May’s erstwhile cabinet like a wild beast. He brutally dispatched his closest rival Jeremy Hunt, set Jacob Rees-Mogg to work fixing the price of sausages in the House of Commons canteen, made Michael Gove chancellor of somewhere in Lancaster, and Gavin ‘Private Pike’ Williamson was put in charge of education. But will it work? With one bound, will the Tories be free of their Brexit problems? We invited former Conservative minister, and twice-Tory hopeful to be mayor of London, Steve Norris into the studio to try and answer this and other pressing questions.

Upon being told of the news of President Calvin Coolridge’s death, Dorothy Parker famously quipped, “How could they tell?” Amidst a flurry of anti-fake news initiatives by the corporate-state nexus, the government’s own anti-disinformation campaign has been stepped up, refunded, and reshaped. The ‘Integrity Initiative’, which turned out to be registered in a derelict mill in Fife, crashed and burned on entry into the public limelight. But as George Orwell showed, you can always give things another name. Black can be white. Truth can be lies. War can be peace. One man who has written forensically on all of this is Mohamed Elmaazi, editor at the Interregnum, contributor to the Canary, and associated with the increasingly influential Grayzone Project, so we invited him into the Sputnik studio.

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