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Renegade Inc.


Renegade Inc. is a new kind of talk show for people who think differently. We interview thinkers, writers, leaders and creators in search of new ideas. No soundbites. No shouting. No hype. Just great guests and entertaining conversation for people who want to question the conventional wisdom of modern life. Renegade Inc is hosted by award winning independent filmmaker and broadcaster Ross Ashcroft. It’s the show for the renegade spirit in everyone.

Aug 3, 2020 08:05

Jailbreaking the cooperative

We always hear that the business world is ‘dog eat dog’. But when did you last see a dog eating a dog? Dogs – like humans – are social animals who seek cooperation and loyalty. So now that we can’t afford the corporate dog fight anymore, should we look to the cooperative movement to create a brave new workplace? Political economist and author Jessica Gordon Nembhard joins host Ross Ashcroft to delve into the alternatives.

Jul 27, 2020 07:29

Lions led by donkeys

The phrase ‘lions led by donkeys’ was used to describe the British front line solders of WWI – they were the brave lions who were sent to their deaths by incompetent and indifferent leaders.

After years of austerity, raging inequality and now, a mismanaged pandemic, could the British electorate claim that they too are led by a political class of donkeys? Former MP Chris Williamson joins host Ross Ashcroft to pick this apart.

Jul 20, 2020 07:10

The good ancestor

In a world of short-termism and consumption, reputation and legacies are often defined by private number plates, flashy watches, and prime real estate.

But these small material trappings rarely satisfy a deeper yearning... So, as we career – often unhappily – through the 21st century, what are we missing? Philosopher and author Roman Krznaric joins Ross Ashcroft to uncover the truth.

Jul 13, 2020 08:24


A heady mix of precarious employment, stagnant wages, diminished opportunities and a contracting economic pie has pushed many people to the limit.

This means how people experience the world and how politicians and spin doctors explain the world creates a mismatch and an anger – this is what economists Eric Lonergan and Mark Blythecall call Angrynomics.

Jul 6, 2020 07:15

The racket of national security

US national security has turned into a racket. Enemies and bogeymen are invented with monotonous regularity to justify massive budgets and kickbacks to insiders. But with so much domestic US turmoil how long can this swindle go on?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by investigative historian and journalist Gareth Porter to discuss the state of national security and how the US’ track record on foreign policy has got us into this mess.

Jun 29, 2020 06:50

Bailing out or bankrupting Britain?

The governor of the bank of England is a public servant. He recently claimed that the UK almost went bankrupt at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. But how does a country that issues its own currency go bust? Or are we in danger of propping up sectors that in the medium term just don’t have a future? Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by economists and authors Josh Ryan-Collin and Laurie Macfarlane to discuss whether this crisis is an opportunity to re-shape our economy.