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Renegade Inc.


Renegade Inc. is a new kind of talk show for people who think differently. We interview thinkers, writers, leaders and creators in search of new ideas. No soundbites. No shouting. No hype. Just great guests and entertaining conversation for people who want to question the conventional wisdom of modern life. Renegade Inc is hosted by award winning independent filmmaker and broadcaster Ross Ashcroft. It’s the show for the renegade spirit in everyone.

Dec 9, 2019 10:33

Privatised planet

The private sector in healthcare has been a horror story in the US, so why do successive British governments think it will work in the UK?

The NHS, is now over 70 years old, but persistent underfunding and demoralisation of staff means it’s now more dependent on the private providers. 

Over the last four years around two-thirds of NHS contracts, by value, have gone to the private sector.

During those four years their total yearly value has almost doubled, so is it any wonder the profiteers are moving in?

The NHS has been dubbed “the pinnacle of human achievement,” so how wary should people be about moving towards a private US system?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the founder of We Own It, Cat Hobbs, and author Dr Tim Coles to discuss why we live on an increasingly privatised planet.

Dec 2, 2019 07:34

Bats**t Construction

Over millennia – and certainly since ‘Field of Dreams’ – the idea that if you “build it, they will come…” has prevailed.

After Kevin Costner’s massive success, it seems that politicians have been taking his gung-ho approach to construction too literally.

Olympic stadiums often bankrupt host nations and the skyscraper index tells us that the world’s tallest buildings are completed on the eve of significant economic downturn.

So, why have haven’t we ever made the link between senseless construction and politics?

Host Ross Ashcroft travels to Kakanomics – the leading economics festival in Norway – to talk with the anthropologist David Graeber about the Bats**t Construction trend that has gripped the world.

Nov 25, 2019 08:38

Lies, damn lies and climate statistics

It will come as no surprise that a recent poll indicated that economists are among the least-trusted professionals. They’ve made blundering mistakes on everything from claiming financial crises can happen to not facing the most obvious recessions.

But all that pales into insignificance when inept economists get involved in modeling climate science. A recession we can recover from, but the breakdown of our planet, we cannot.

Host Ross Ashcroft travels to Kakanomics – the leading economics festival in Norway – to talk with the renegade economist Professor Steve Keen to understand the scale of the damage that blinkered ideology has done to the future of our planet.

Nov 18, 2019 09:01

Corporate media busts your trust

The relationship between the media and its audience is driven by only one thing… trust.
The indomitable 24-hour news cycle was launched so that broadcasters could continue to control the narrative. But social media has broken its grip and also raised fundamental questions about impartiality and reliability.

So, where next for those global media organizations whose figures are plummeting and whose audience now have greater options to find out what is really going on…

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by journalist Anna Brees and Des Freedman, professor of media and communications at Goldsmiths, University of London, to ask how the mainstream media has managed to betray the trust of the people it should be serving.

Nov 11, 2019 08:22

Who funds Terror Inc?

The death of a prominent Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) leader prompts us to ask fundamental questions about the so-called ‘war on terror’. How is it possible that with all the global military might terrorism can still prosper?

More puzzling is how these terrorist groups buy arms, vehicles and ammunition to wage their jihad… Do they simply steal oil and sell it on the international markets, or is there something else at play that we should all know about if we are to defeat these hate-filled mercenaries?

Host Ross Ashcroft travels to Kakanomics - the leading economics festival in Norway - to talk to the former Norwegian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl Schiøtz Wibye, and terrorism expert Loretta Napoleoni to work out who funds Terror Inc.

Nov 4, 2019 08:00

Zombification of Europe

Here’s an idea… get 28 countries with differing economic output and bind them all together into a single economic union.

Once they are tied together we will then force 19 of those countries to use a single currency, regardless of their economic differences.

Then we’ll create a central bank to implement a bungling monetary policy that papers over all the deep structural economic issues we’ve created so that we can keep companies and economies on life support.

Sound familiar?

Host Ross Ashcroft visits Kakanomics, an economics festival in Norway, to talk to the renegade economist Mattias Weik about the Zombification of Europe.